The Jason Neighborgall Fact of the Day

I’m starting this. I feel kinda bad because the whole Jason Neighborgall story is a bit sad but oh my god his B-R page is unbelievably awesome. Long story short, Jason Neighborgall was a pitcher in the Diamondbacks system with legendary stuff with possibly the worst command of all time. The numbers are staggering. Here’s today’s stat.

i don't fux with BB's

i don’t fux with BB’s

Padres pitching prospect Robbie Erlin is known for his elite pitchability and command. Over 326.2 minor league innings, Erlin has unintentionally walked a total of 50 batters. In Neighborgall’s brief 42.1 inning career, he unintentionally walked ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT BATTERS. Yes, 128.

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  1. […] It’s been months. I wanna bring this back because Jason Neighborgall’s baseball-reference page remains one of the hidden gems of the entire internet. […]

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