These Cleats Are Made For Walking: Puig Approaches

This has been a fun journey this year, keeping track of walk totals on a weekly basis. It gives me an unexplained amount of joy to check FanGraphs on Monday mornings to see who’s been impatient this past week. Yasiel Puig, an undeniable fan of CFB, has clearly taken note of this and has decided to pitch in by allowing me to use his name, Yasiel Puig, in this post.

Thanks, Yasiel Puig. Thank you for not being unintentionally walked once through your first 50 major league plate appearances.

We’ll obviously be watching Yasiel Puig, like the rest of the world, in his KeppQuest to walkless nirvana.

In other news, our “new contender” from last week, Yankees rookie utility infielder David Adams, only received six plate appearances last week, but didn’t manage a walk in any of them. So that’s still a total of zero through 77 PA’s.

Our one and only, Jeff Keppinger had an INCREDIBLE WEEK, walking TWO TIMES, bringing his total to four through 218 plate appearances. 

A few more little nuggets:

  • Royals fourth outfielder David Lough has only walked once through 88 plate appearances. I will now totally start watching the Royals more maybe probably possibly.
  • Our beloved trio of catchers have stepped their game up, unfortunately. J.P. Arencibia, Salvador Perez and Welington Castillo have now amassed 18 walks through 654 plate appearances.
  • Erick Aybar, Steve Lombardozzi and Endy Chavez have combined for 11 walks through 511 plate appearances.
  • Clayton Kershaw, Madison Bumgarner, Lance Lynn and Jonathan Pettibone have combined for 12 walks through 126 plate appearances. 
  • Joey Votto and Shin-Soo Choo are now up to 101 walks through 638 plate appearances. 

Walks. Yay.


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