These Cleats Are Made For Walking: Blah

I’ll be honest, there isn’t much standing out to me on this fine Monday. The bottom of the walk leaderboard isn’t nearly as hilarious as it usually is, so I’ll just review the usual and mention a few new names.

  • Puig update: Miraculously, Yasiel Puig walked twice on Saturday. These were his first two unintentional walks of the year. He’s at 78 plate appearances on the season.
  • Jeff Keppinger walked two more times last week. He’s now got a total of six walks through 228 plate appearance. The White Sox are also not playing him very much anymore :(

  • Yankees rookie utility man David Adams played a lot more last week than the week before, coming to the plate 17 times. He, like Puig, managed his first two walks of the year. This brings his total to two through 94 plate appearances. 
  • Brewers infielder Jeff Bianchi and Yankees backup catcher Austin Romine recently crossed the 50 plate appearance threshold, AKA the number of plate appearances it takes to get me to notice a player. And lucky for me, neither have them have drawn a walk throughout their sporadic playing time. Bianchi is at 67 plate appearances and Romine is at 61. I’ll keep an eye on them.
  • Royals outfielder David Lough has still only walked once through 109 plate appearances. He’s walking 0.9% of the time.  He’s also batting .299.
  • Angels shortstop Erick Aybar is basically now the at the bottom in terms of everyday players. He’s at five walks through 232 plate appearances. 
  • As always, Votto and Choo keep doing their thing in Cincinnati. Votto is now at 56 through 348 PA’s and Choo at 53 through 351 PA’s. 

Peace, Love, Walks.


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