.gifs From Last Night: Walk Off Walk Off Flame

White Sox vs. Indians

In which Ramon Troncoso realizes he plays for the Chicago White Sox as the fans behind him cheer with glee. I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Ramon Troncoso was before I looked up number 40 on the White Sox, but he certainly sounds like a reliever and this just looks like a reliever who is quite relieved to not be relieving any longer. What a relief. (boooooooooooooooooooo)

Here we see 93 year old Jason Giambi throwing up his helmet and catching it. Clearly he decided that scoring was not the priority here and he just wanted to show everyone on his team that he still has really good hands. (Sidenote: he doesn’t). It’s unclear why the Indians were given the victory seeing as Giambi never scored but I suppose the umpires were so impressed with Jason’s coordination that they decided the deserved the W anyway.

Angels vs. Rangers

Ernesto Frieri has a fascinating closer with a fascinating delivery and fascinating facial hair. Usually giving up two home runs to two different catchers in the bottom of the ninth is not the best way to close a baseball game. Sad Ernie.

Meanwhile, we see an elated Ian Kinsler awkwardly hug-attacking A.J. Pierzynski. This has to be risky knowing Pierzynski’s short temper and tendency to fight but Ian seems to be completely oblivious to this risk factor.

This is a .gif of Geovany Soto spitting.

Chris Denorfia vs. Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis: I’m da bes

Aroldis: I can throw a baseball 105 MPH

Aroldis: who is this Denorfia fellow

Aroldis: don’t care

Aroldis: *throws fastball down the middle*

Denorfia: *hits walk-off home run because baseball*

Aroldis: welp

Aroldis: I’m still da bes

Aroldis: did you know I can throw a baseball 105 MPH

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