All The Fantastic “Angels In the Outfield” .gifs

My favorite movie ever is Angels in the Outfield. It reminds me of when I was 6 years old and my biggest concern was whether or not Delino DeShields got a hit that day. I recently re-watched and .gifed all the best parts. There are two categories: Triscuitt Messmer and not Triscuitt Messmer.


George Knox is done with your shenanigans. He’s also done with the post-game spread. Also, what are those red plastics cups doing in the clubhouse? Maybe the Angels sucked in the beginning of the movie because they were too busy partying like teenagers. 

This how we all feel when we watch Jose Fernandez. Angels goofball pitcher Whit Bass must have seen into the future or something. Also of note: another player on the Angels with a fish name. First Whit Bass, then Tim Salmon, and now Chris Iannetta. 

Triscuitt Messmer

Okay so basically the Angels catcher Triscuitt Messmer is the best thing ever. It’s a Japhet Amador body but behind the dish. He has the social skills of Zack Greinke with Asperger’s and the accent of a bleacher creature. The base running is easily base-clogger status, but his #want is off the charts. Let’s take a closer look at Triscuitt… (also, his name is Triscuitt) 

 After this slide his stomach probably looked like 17 raccoons did the dirty deed on it. That’s an 80 slide right there, but it was unnecessary as the third baseman never even got a throw. Good to see that someone other than Nick Punto is sliding headfirst unnecessarily. 

More evidence of Messmer’s below average run tool, but well above average #rig. I love a good Puig bat flip, but a chest bump takes the cake. Part of me is afraid that he’ll knock himself over with those gorilla pounds. Triscuitt Messmer: Half man, half gorilla, half man. 

There has been a significant amount of discussion recently about how dangerous it is for catchers to block the plate. Well bucko, here’s some footage to swap your brain thoughts. Catchers can continue blocking the plate, they just need to be fatter. Also, that’s totally Chris Getz.


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