The #Barves Are Moving

The Atlanta Barves are moving north to a new stadium that will be ready for opening day 2017.

After doing 2 minutes of research on the socioeconomic geography of Atlanta I’ve come to a conclusion. The Braves are moving from this Atlanta:



To this Atlanta:





Los Angeles Angels Top 10 Shirseys

Click here to read a primer on our shirsey rankings. 
Click here to read the Angels BP Top 10 Prospects.

Vlad, Trevor Bell, and Fullmer write ups are courtesy of friend of CFB, Hudson Belinsky. You can follow him on the tweeterz by clicking HERE and read his superior Angels stuff over at Halos Daily

System Quote: “Hemmerling for Mitchell? Go back to Cincinnati!”

Los Angeles Angels Top Ten:

  1. Tie Dye Vlad
  2. Trevor Bell
  3. Brad Fullmer
  4. David Eckstein
  5. Mike Scioscia
  6. Chone Figgins
  7. Adam Kennedy
  8. Bobby Abreu
  9. Troy Glaus
  10. Maicer Izturis

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.08.16 PM  1. Tie Dye Vlad

  Size: XL

  Current Status: Available for purchase

  Website: eBay

  Price: $6.74 + $5.95 Shipping

  eBay Description: “Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.”

 The Tools: 7 derp, 6 awesomeness, 4 player obscurity, 5 potential color scheme, 6 price

What Happened to the Player in 2013: After a career of swinging at every pitch he ever saw,Vlad The Impaler officially announced his retirement from baseball in 2013, but before hanging up the cleats, he did cause some excitement for fans of the Atlantic League’s Long Island Ducks. Guerrero signed a contract with the Ducks in early April, but never did join the team, citing family issues. Vlad’s nephew Gaby played his first full season of minor league baseball, ranking 10th in Baseball Prospectus’s rankings of the Mariners’ system. One extremely handsome human being captured Gaby hitting a walk-off infield single against the Angels’ Low-A affiliate back in June.

Strengths: This is a shirsey that brings you a Hall-of-Fame caliber talent, but stands out from the typical Mantle or Ruth shirsey because it’s tie-dye. The shirsey allows its wearer a unique ability to showcase the mid-section, and if the wearer’s eyes are blue, or red, they are really going to pop.

Weaknesses: Only Deadheads wear tie-dye.

Overall Future Potential: 6; should appear in multiple shirsey All-Star games.

Realistic Role: 5; the shirt’s condition is “New without tags,” which leads to question marks about the shirt’s identity. Dominican shirseys are known to alter their ages and identities to command higher bids on eBay.

Risk Factor/Injury History: Moderate; the lack of tags raises red flags, but there are no clear deficiencies with the physical product.

The Year Ahead: As Vlad waits for Hall-of-Fame eligibility, so too will this shirsey. It’s unclear whether this shirsey will attempt a coaching career, or if it will opt to spent more time with its family.

Wardrobe ETA: 2014; with the Angels’ lack of shirsational depth, this one has a chance to contribute immediately.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.13.41 PM2. Trevor Bell

  Size: XL

  Current Status: Available for purchase

  Website: Google

  Price: N/A

  Description: “Let everyone know who your favorite player is with this Trevor Bell Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Red Player Shirt

 The Tools: 5 derp, 4 awesomeness, 8 player obscurity, 6 potential color scheme/design, undetermined price

What Happened to the Player in 2013: Bell pitched in relief in Double- and Triple-A for the Reds. He is now a minor league free agent.

Strengths: Totally abstract. There’s no reason for anyone besides hardcore Angels fans or the six or seven people who closely follow prospects to know who Trevor Bell is. He also wore no. 70 with the Angels, a rare, high number.

Weaknesses: Totally abstract. There’s no reason for anyone besides hardcore Angels fans or the six or seven people who closely follow prospects to know who Trevor Bell is. He also wore no. 70 with the Angels, a rare, high number.

Overall Future Potential: High 5; should be a solid contributor to a first-division shirsey collection.

Realistic Role: 5; high-floor.

Risk Factor/Injury History: Low risk; if you’re the kind of person who owns a Trevor Bell shirsey, you probably don’t care too much about people recognizing the name on the back.

The Year Ahead: Bell will attempt to latch onto a Major League bullpen, but the chances are slim. Similarly, this shirsey is unlikely to find its way into a shirsey collection, although there is a chance.

Wardrobe ETA: 2015

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.13.34 PM3. Brad Fullmer

  Size: XL

  Current Status: Available for purchase

  Website: eBay

  Price: $5.99 + $5.05 Shipping


 The Tools: 7 derp, 6 awesomeness, 6+ player obscurity, 6 future design/color scheme, 6 price

What Happened to the Player in 2013: A person named Brad Fullmer is an IT developer who appeared on Episode 160 of a podcast called The Secular Buddhist. Brad comes from a computer science background and has been doing computer programming “for, God, 20+ years now.” No people named Brad Fullmer have appeared in professional baseball since 2004.

Strengths: This is an extremely rare piece. A great shirsey for sleeping or being the clean t-shirt you wear when doing your laundry.

Weaknesses: Only 44 people remember that Brad Fullmer existed.

Overall Future Potential: 5; not much utility.

Realistic Role: High 4; comes off the bench for a first-division shirsey collection, starts for a second-division shirsey collection.

Risk Factor/Injury History: It’s an XL, so small children could trip and injure themselves if they attempt to wear this shirsey.

The Year Ahead: I’m seriously considering buying this shirsey. I would love to see a bidding war over it to really excite the seller, then disappoint him and not pay for it. It’d be worth the negative eBay feedback; he describes the shirsey like this: “BRAD FULLMER ANGELES T SHIRT THAT LOOKS LIKE A JERSEY”

Wardrobe ETA: 2014

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Episode 14: Heart, Hustle, and Pretzels

a thousand jemiles

Episode 14 of the Barbecast has arrived in the form of Jemile Weeks jokes and a whole lot of talk about baseball player names from the 19th century. We laughed about Pretzels Getzien for about ten minutes. Our special guest this week is baseball lawyer extraordinaire  Jason Wojiewjcokwciwjcokwjcokwhokchwokchwokchscjichowski of Twitter dot com fame. We talked to the Woj about Jemile Weeks, the Oakland Athletics, and more unfortunate baseball names including PUDDIN’ HEAD JONES. We like Woj a lot and you should too. E-mails include another brilliant appearance from Napolean Bookbindery, Edmundo, and NaNoWriMo ideas from Big Poop. Baseball talk was Jake making me guess which player from each team won the HEART AND HUSTLE AWARD. No, seriously. Tales from LogDog with Lana Berry was the same thing. Lana got more right than I did :( Jake’s Varsity Baseball Update is an exciting one, as JAKE MADE THE TEAM YAY JAKE ha no he’s not actually on the team yet. But encouraging news is shared. Thanks for listening. Rate and review us for a chance to win our love and respect <3

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Seattle Mariners Top 10 Shirseys

Click here to read a primer on our shirsey rankings. 
Click here to read the Mariners BP Top 10 Prospects.

System Quote: “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and shirseys”.

Seattle Mariners Top Ten:

  1. Don Wakamatsu
  2. Felix signed by Taijuan Walker
  3. Spring Training Ackley
  4. Derpy Jay Buhner
  5. Tie Dye Ichiro
  6. Gaylord Perry
  7. Green Chone Figgins
  8. A-Rod
  9. Jarrod Washburn
  10. Kenji Jojihma

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 2.52.24 PM  1. Don Wakamatsu

  Size: XXL

  Current Status: Available for purchase

  Website: eBay

  Price: $8.00 + $7.00 Shipping

  eBay Description: “You are bidding on a D.Wakamatsu tshirt.”

 The Tools: 7 derp; 6+ awesomeness; 8 player obscurity; 6 potential color scheme/design, 6 price

What Happened To The Player in 2013: Wakamatsu served as a professional talent scout for the New York Yankees and just two short weeks ago the Kansas City Royals hired him as a bench couch.

Strengths: You’ll be the only kid in school with a Don Wakamatsu Mariners shirt, I can promise you that.

Weaknesses: You’ll be the only kid in school with a Don Wakamatsu Mariners shirt, I can promise you that. And you’re probably a bit overweight (XXL).

Overall Future Potential: 8; Hall of Fame potential

Realistic Role: High 6; perennial all-star shirsey

Risk Factor/Injury History: Medium Risk; Wakamatsu could get another managerial job.

The Year Ahead: If Wakamatsu does a good job doing whatever the hell bench coaches do, he might be able to get another managerial position next year which would make this shirsey a bit less awesome. But if Donny boy continues doing Don Wakamatsu things then this shirt has a chance to be elite for a long, long time.

Wardrobe ETA: 2014

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 2.36.33 PM2. Felix Hernandez Signed by Taijuan Walker (and Brian Hunter)

  Size: Youth M
  Current Status: Available for purchase
  Website: eBay
  Price: $8.99 + $4.01 Shipping

eBay Description: “Washed”

 The Tools: 6 derp; 7 awesomeness; 2/4/7 player obscurity; 5+ future color scheme/design;  6+ price

What Happened to the Player in 2013: Well, Felix had another stellar season of pitching baseballs until Carlos Peguero’s wife stole a bunch of money from him and then HIS HOUSE CAUGHT ON FIRE. Taijuan Walker also had an awesome season, reaching the majors towards the end of the year while managing to avoid financial fraud. Brian Hunter hasn’t played professional baseball in 10 years and why in the actual shit did he sign this shirt I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it’s not the Brian Hunter who played one season for the Mariners in 1999…or the one the played one season in 1996. Does it matter? Maybe some guy named Brian Hunter ran up to the person getting this shirsey signed by Taijuan Walker and just ambush-autographed it. No clue.

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Houston Astros Top 10 Shirseys

Click here to read a primer on our shirsey rankings. 
Click here to read the Astros BP Top 10 Prospects.

System Quote: “The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time.”

Houston Astros Top Ten:

  1. Hunter Pence Double Printed Shirsey
  2. Kaz Matsui
  3. Brad “Lights-out” Lidge
  4. Roger Clemens
  5. Bud Norris
  6. 80 #Want
  7. Lance Berkman
  8. Carlos Lee
  9. Roy Oswalt
  10. J.D. Martinez

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 6.12.29 PM  1. Hunter Pence Double Printed Shirsey

  Size: M

  Current Status: Sold

  Website: eBay

  Price: $8.00 + $4.95 Shipping

 eBay Description: “The Medium is a missprint, having the whole decal from the back “Pence  9″ printed on the front and the back along with the “Houston 9″

 The Tools: 8 derp; 8 not on team anymore; 4 player obscurity; 5 potential design/color scheme; 6 price

What Happened To The Player in 2013: As a derpy scruffy old guy, Hunter Pence put up pretty good numbers for the Giants. He then signed a 5-year, $90 bajillion dollar contract ensuring he won’t be back on the Astros any time soon.

Strengths: First thing that jumps out at you is the double printing on the front of the shirt. Very rare to see such a trait in a shirsey. Most shirts only have the name on the back. This has it on the front and back. True two-way shirt. Top of the line oddity. Good, but not great price hindered by high shipping costs. Expected due to placement on ebay.

Weaknesses: Player relatively well known/still producing at a high level in the major leagues. Despite top end tools, placement on ebay always raises questions about makeup due to disagreements with the shirt’s previous owner(s). The old Astros color scheme feels outdated and uncool right now, but has the projection to be a hot commodity on the market.

Overall Future Potential:  7; one of the best shirts in the game.

Realistic Role: High 6; well above-average shirsey

Risk Factor/Injury History: High risk due to unknown nature of the second shirt and usual question marks that come with eBay.

The Year Ahead: Recently shipped off to a new owner, this shirsey should become a huge part of that owner’s life fairly quickly.

Wardrobe ETA: 2014

2. Kaz Matsui

  Size: Unknown
  Current Status: Owned by @leistomania93
  Website: Twitter
  Price: Ask @leistomania93


The Tools: 7 derp; 6 awesomeness; 7 player obscurity; 5 future design/color Scheme

What Happened To The Player in 2013: Matsui played for the Japanese team in the World Baseball Classic. He may or may not have done things in the NPB this year for the Rakuten Eagles. No one is sure.

Strengths: The derp and the player obscurity on this shirt are great. It’s fairly easy to find a Kaz Matsui Mets shirsey, but finding one of Astros ilk is rare indeed. Kaz Matsui always inspires a chuckle in the gut, and I’m sure the lucky owner of this shirt has more gut chuckles than the average fellow.

Weaknesses: Like many of the older Astros shirseys, this scheme is lackluster and uninspiring. Worst aspect is that the shirt is already owned and therefore probably not up for sale. 

Overall Future Potential:  High 6; potential to ruin several dates for the owner 

Realistic Role: 6; occasional all-star shirsey

Risk Factor/Injury History: Low risk. Already out of MLB. 

The Year Ahead: If Kaz Matsui can do something insane like appear on a Japanese game show that goes viral or eats Ichiro then this shirt’s stock could rise. More likely that it stays put.

Wardrobe ETA: 2013

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