Episode 39: Stephen Bruno > Brüno

Full Barbecasts are back! Now with 25% worse audio quality. Get pumped. Our special guest this week is Ryan Parker of Baseball Prospectus. We talked to Ryan about how he scouts Low-A baseball, Joey Gallo, and other prospect-related thingzzz. You should follow Ryan on Twitter @RA_Parker because he is really good at what he does. Our b-ref battle this week consisted of numerous strange sounds, moreso than actual names. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered how Lana was surviving the sudden tornado in her area. The theme of the e-mail segment was WHAT THE HELL WAS IN CARLOS GONZALEZ’S FINGER with an eloquent backstory from Big Poop. The Barbecuers Update has good news regarding Barbecuer gear that is actually for sale. This isn’t our best Barbecast, but it probably isn’t our worst! Seriously, just go back and listen to Barbecast 38. Thanks for listening <3

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