CFBBQ All-Purim Team



The Jewish Holiday of Purim starts tonight and continues tomorrow. For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday it’s basically a Jewish version of Mardi Gras (huge simplification). If you’ve never heard of Purim you won’t get this post at all, but if you know all about Purim then you might like it.

Here’s the all-Purim squad:


P: Len Perme (Basically named Len Purim)

C: Pat Spieler (Old Pat always put on a good Purim Shpiel)

1B: Susano Perez (Closest thing to Shushan)

2B: Henry Tershinski (I couldn’t find anyone named Bigtan)

3B: Don Magill (The whole Don Magill) 

SS: Anthony Esterquest (Esthers… quest…)

RF: Billy Queen (Because Esther is a Queen…)

CF: Mack Haman (He got booed all the time)

LF: Mike Mordechai (The savior of our team)


Make sure you boo Haman and A-Rod tomorrow!

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