B-Ref Battle Name Database

A mainstay segment on the Barbecast since Episode 14 has been the B-Ref Battle, where we each present some of our favorite names from ancient baseball history. In January 2016, we brought you a March Madness-style bracket of our 64 favorite names in B-Ref Battle history in an attempt to determine the best baseball name we’ve ever found in the depths of baseball-reference.com. Shadrack McHooveter, he of Episode 69 fame, was crowned king. We couldn’t emphasize enough how difficult it was to choose merely 64 names out of the 400+ we’ve presented on the podcast. Now that the bracket has concluded — and because we don’t expect everyone to go back and listen to dozens of old Barbecasts — we’ve decided to release our full database of names used for the B-Ref Battle for your enjoyment. If you think we made any of these names up, just pop that sucker in the baseball-reference search bar and prepare to be amazed. Tweet us your favorite names @CespedesBBQ!

You can read about the BBQ Best Name Bracket and see the full results by clicking here.

If you want to hear us talk about each player, you can find links to all previous Barbecasts by clicking here.

Note: Starting in Episode 75, we switched to only presenting one player each.

Names that competed in the Best Name Bracket are in bold

The official sponsor of the B-Ref Battle is baseball-reference.com! You can head over to http://www.baseball-reference.com/play-index/bbq.shtml and use the coupon code “bbq” to get $6 off a one-year subscription to the Play Index, an invaluable tool for answering all your ridiculously specific statistical queries about baseball history.

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