Bat Flip Kings

Bat flips are an ancient form of artistic expression. Since the beginning of time, some of history’s greatest figures have partaken in the flipping of bats. Max Keeble, Joan of Arc, and Seth McClung are all heroes of history for the contributions they made to the wood-twirling, dinger-pimping community.

We here at CFBBQ absolutely adore a good bat flip. There are a number of fantastic batflippers in the bigs right now and batflipping is as widespread and as appreciated as it has ever been. That being said, we believe that there is still so much room for creativity when it comes to the flipping of bats. In order to show the world just how batpoop crazy batflipping can be, we decided to take the bat into our own hands and then flip it… or something like that.


Legs are awesome things because you can move them around and use them to your advantage. In this particular instance, I opened my legs quite wide and flipped a bat through them. Unfortunately, this bat flip is for practice time only. If used in a game situation you might end up decapitating the catcher and/or umpire located behind you.


Snowboarding on TV has something really cool that lets you see how high the snowboarder is getting when he flies into the air off the half pipe. We need the exact same thing for bat flips. I need a bat flip barometer to tell me just how high the lumber is being launched. Jordan got some pretty rad air on this one, but in the future I’d like to get more specific data on the height, speed, and trajectory of the flip. Call it FLIPf/x.

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.gifs From Last Night: Walk Off Walk Off Flame

White Sox vs. Indians

In which Ramon Troncoso realizes he plays for the Chicago White Sox as the fans behind him cheer with glee. I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Ramon Troncoso was before I looked up number 40 on the White Sox, but he certainly sounds like a reliever and this just looks like a reliever who is quite relieved to not be relieving any longer. What a relief. (boooooooooooooooooooo)

Here we see 93 year old Jason Giambi throwing up his helmet and catching it. Clearly he decided that scoring was not the priority here and he just wanted to show everyone on his team that he still has really good hands. (Sidenote: he doesn’t). It’s unclear why the Indians were given the victory seeing as Giambi never scored but I suppose the umpires were so impressed with Jason’s coordination that they decided the deserved the W anyway.

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The Revolution Continues At Wrigley

There must be something about Dioner Navarro that makes pitchers want to try something new. We’ve already seen Travis Wood and Ryan Cook pull out the backwards pitching method with Navarro involved. This time it was Francisco Liriano who decided that a through-the-legs glove flip was the best way to attack the chubby Pudge.

This is probably the most torque and power we’ve seen so far as Liriano really loads up his core to get as much velocity behind his glove flip as possible. He displays great posture at the moment of release. Watch how his back stays perfectly level as he flicks his glove. It’s amazing how he doesn’t even glance at home plate before releasing the ball. This is definitely an efficient way to hold runners on. Ain’t nobody stealing on this delivery.

Jose Fernandez Continues Backwards Pitching Revolution

A couple months ago we looked at Angels pitcher Garrett Richards and his new unorthodox approach to pitching. It’s been a quiet time for this new strategy, but last night it struck again thanks to Marlins rookie phenom Jose Fernandez. No, it wasn’t the eight innings of scoreless pitching that got our attention. It wasn’t the 10 strikeouts either. It wasn’t even this absurdly nasty slider that caused Carlos Quentin to quit baseball.

What made Jose Fernandez’s outing Monday night so special was this one pitch to Chase Headley in the seventh inning…

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.gifs From Last Night: Bartolo Colonoscopy

Athletics vs. Brewers

Two weird teams played each other last night in Milwaukee, which is a city I always need spell-check for. The A’s won 5-1, but that wasn’t the most important moment of the game, not even close. Bartolo Colon is old and silly and slightly chubby, but none of those attributes explain what he is glaring at in the .gif above. What is it? CFB is going to try to unravel this mystery once and for all. We’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities:

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.gifs From Last Night: Adam and Torii

Tigers vs. Orioles

  • Either Torii just saw Prince Fielder’s man boobs, or he messed with an umpire.
  • It would have been awesome to see the umpire lift all of Torii Hunter up with one hand.
  • It’s good to know that there’s another Jim Leyland running around Detroit. And it’s good to know that he’s laughing at the umpire too.
  • Was he always bald…

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