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EPISODE 1 (8/2/13): The Frustrating Birth (featuring Craig Goldstein)

EPISODE 2 (unknown): The Lost Episode (featuring Paul Sporer)

It doesn’t exist anymore cause Jake said something stupid and then failed to edit it out. Sorry !

EPISODE 3 (8/14/13): I Bless Tim Raines (featuring Zach Mortimer)

EPISODE 4 (8/19/13): Jake’s Big Poop (featuring…no one)

EPISODE 5 (8/26/13): College and Chimichangas (featuring Al Ciammaichella

EPISODE 6 (9/2/13): Raul From the Crapper (featuring Wendy Thurm)

EPISODE 7 (9/13/13): The Tuscaloosa Loose Cabooses (featuring Chris Rodriguez)

EPISODE 8 (9/18/13): Lana Banana Like Hannah Montana (featuring Lana Berry)

EPISODE 9 (9/30/13): PUNTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (featuring Stevo Sama)

EPISODE 10 (10/2/13): Mark Ferrin, Scott Spiezio and America’s ROOGY (featuring Mike Ferrin)

EPISODE 11 (10/17/13): 25% Sexier (featuring Kieran Lovegrove and Lana Berry)

EPISODE 11.5 (10/22/13): Lana Berry Reacts to Chinese Food (featuring Lana Berry)

EPISODE 12 (10/24/13): How Is That His Sporer?!? (featuring Paul Sporer)

EPISODE 13 (10/30/13): #MUPWATCH, Mamma Jake, and the Return of Loveglove (featuring Amanda Rykoff and Jake’s mother)

EPISODE 14 (11/7/13): Heart, Hustle, and Pretzels (featuring Jason Wojciechowski)

EPISODE 15 (11/14/13): Gettin’ Zonked With Big Time Timmy Jim (featuring Danny Farris)

EPISODE 16 (11/21/13): Cool Off and Get Smart (featuring the Sacramento RiverCats/Mark Ling)

EPISODE 17 (12/2/13): Light A Mupnorah (featuring Matt Sussman and Amanda Rykoff)

EPISODE 18 (12/6/13): Jedd Gyorko, America’s Dad (featuring Scott Weber and Mark Ling)

EPISODE 19 (12/12/13): Wrong for 17 Reasons (featuring Craig Calcaterra and Kieran Lovegrove)

EPISODE 20 (12/17/13): They Usually Have Really Small Ears (featuring Jason Parks)

EPISODE 21 (12/31/13): The Thunder From Down Under (featuring Jake from the future/Australia)

EPISODE 22 (1/10/14): Blossom, Bubbles, and Carlos Rodon (featuring Chris Crawford and Productive Outs)

EPISODE 23 (1/15/14): Pedro Martinez Was A Car Accident (featuring Fred Claire and Matt Ball)

EPISODE 24 (1/23/14): #80Flail and Doug the Thug (featuring Doug Thorburn)

EPISODE 25, PART 1 (1/29/14): The Barry Bonds Big Head Bonanza Barbecast (featuring Carlos Rodon and Sam Miller)

EPISODE 25, PART 2 (1/29/14): The Barry Bonds Big Head Bonanza Barbecast (featuring Craig Goldstein, Kieran Lovegrove, and Lana Berry)

EPISODE 26 (2/14/14): God, Family, and Ginger Tea (featuring Eno Sarris and Matt Clark)

EPISODE 27 (2/22/14): He’s Just Not Bright (featuring Ryan Divish)

EPISODE 28 (2/28/14): KELLY VS. AVRIL (featuring Bill Hanstock)

EPISODE 29 (3/7/14): The Perfect Sitter (featuring the CFB Fantasy Draft)

EPISODE 30 (3/22/14): Barry Bonds, Spider-Man Enthusiast (featuring Jesse Spector)

EPISODE 31 (3/31/14): Minor League Friends, Major League People (featuring Dan Amodio, Matt Ball, and Matt Clark)

EPISODE 32 (4/5/14): CHIEF (featuring Daren Willman)

EPISODE 33 (4/11/14): Taller, Fatter, Younger, Stronger (featuring David Shemie)

EPISODE 34 (4/25/14): Sabermetric Mac & Cheese (featuring Bill Baer and Kieran Lovegrove)

EPISODE 34.5 (4/30/14): An Interview With Former MLB Pitcher Brian Bannister (featuring Brian Bannister)

EPISODE 35 (5/12/14): Z. Todd Levine and the MIT Beavers (featuring Zachary Levine)

EPISODE 36 (5/19/14): Paid In Whataburger (featuring Spencer Trygg)

EPISODE 37 (5/24/14): Daniel Hudson, Silver Slugger (featuring Daniel Hudson)

EPISODE 38 (6/4/14): The Boy Who Never Gave Up (featuring Lana Berry LIVE)

EPISODE 39 (6/13/14): Stephen Bruno > Brüno (featuring Ryan Parker)

EPISODE 40 (6/30/14): Baseball Camp, Booeymonger, and Guantez the Dead Ferret (featuring Coach Mac)

EPISODE 41 (7/10/14): World Cup Wiener Eating (featuring CJ Wittmann and Carlos Rodon)

EPISODE 42 (7/21/14): The Brady Aiken Mess and the Legend of Gobbles Gallo (featuring Rick Giolito and Tepid Participation)

EPISODE 43 (8/10/14): Men’s League Champions and Mike Mordecai (featuring Mike Mordecai)

EPISODE 44 (8/15/14): HAPPY YO-NIVERSARY (featuring @Mariners)

EPISODE 45 (8/29/14): Southern League Sophomores (featuring Mike Recchia and Nicole Collins)

EPISODE 46 (9/4/14): Bo Porter’s Big Dreams (featuring Kiley McDaniel and Tyler Stafford)

EPISODE 47 (9/22/14): Just Don’t Embarrass Yourself (featuring Sahadev Sharma)

EPISODE 48 (10/13/14): Baseball Chili and The Jewish Molinas (featuring Geoff Schwartz)

EPISODE 49 (10/21/14): The Part Where It’s Not Food (featuring Matt Clark, Jake’s mom, and Kieran Lovegrove)

EPISODE 50 (10/30/14): That’s Good, That’s Really Good (featuring Will Leitch and Chris Resop)

EPISODE 51 (11/14/14): Too Much Too Many Cooks (featuring Grant Brisbee)

EPISODE 52 (1/8/15): Back and Better Than Never (featuring Jorge Arangure)

EPISODE 52.5 (1/15/15): An Interview With MLB Player Agent Joshua Kusnick (featuring Joshua Kusnick)

EPISODE 53 (1/16/15): The Pat Neshek Call (featuring Glendon Rusch)

EPISODE 54 (1/22/15): Hod, Family, Baseball (featuring Chris Crawford)

EPISODE 55 (2/13/15): ROOGYs, LOOGYs, and TWOGIEs (featuring Corey Brock)

EPISODE 56 (3/3/15): All-Canadian Reject (featuring The Isotopes and Wes Yee)

EPISODE 57 (3/14/15): Corvallis Family Barbecue (featuring Andrew Moore)

EPISODE 58 (4/2/15): Trench Davis Warfare (featuring Howard Megdal and Matt Ball)

EPISODE 59 (4/10/15): MC Cullers and The Good Craig (featuring Lance McCullers and Craig Calcaterra)

EPISODE 60 (4/17/15): Junius and the Baker (featuring John Baker)

EPISODE 61 (4/24/15): Lucas Giolito, The Worst (Futures Game) Pitcher of All Time (featuring Lucas Giolito)

EPISODE 62 (5/1/15): Tigers Talk, Lovegrove’s Love Story, and Below-Average Charlotte (featuring Chris Iott and Kieran Lovegrove)

EPISODE 63 (5/14/15): Radack and Regionals (featuring Collin Radack)

EPISODE 64 (6/19/15): Kyle McDan, Plane Tinder, and Blowing Up Bobbleheads (featuring Kiley McDaniel)

EPISODE 65 (6/28/15): The 1,000-Pitch Bullpen (featuring, like, everyone)

EPISODE 66 (7/10/15): 6’0″, 212 lb Little World Series Champion (featuring Luke Ramirez)

EPISODE 67 (7/17/15): The Best Podcast Money Can Buy (featuring Molly Knight)

EPISODE 68 (7/31/15): 5-Pitch Chex Mix and Game Day Hair (featuring Chase De Jong and Celine Fowler)

EPISODE 69 (8/11/15): Nice (featuring Jared Diamond, John Baker, and Jesse Spector)

EPISODE 70 (9/1/15): Pacey Wingers and The Cool Kind of Girl Scout (featuring Carson Cistulli and Kinza Baad)

EPISODE 71 (9/7/15): Minor League Moses (featuring Ben Hill)

EPISODE 72 (9/18/15): Poo Slinger’s Paradise (featuring Mike Matuella)

EPISODE 73 (9/25/15): Jays, Jews, and a Grandma (featuring Kyle Grana and Andrew Stoeten)

EPISODE 74 (10/6/15): Passan Out (featuring Jeff Passan and John Baker)

EPISODE 75 (10/27/15): You Lyin’ So Much (featuring Boog Sciambi)

EPISODE 76 (11/6/15): Drafting 2015 (featuring Sam Miller)

EPISODE 77 (11/17/15): Dress Like A Seat Day (featuring Arthur Lenk and Trevor Williams)

EPISODE 78 (12/3/15): A BABIP Bouquet (featuring Meg Rowley)

EPISODE 79 (12/11/15): Rocket League to the Big Leagues (featuring Lucas Giolito and Spencer Trygg)

EPISODE 80 (1/9/16): #FreeLance (featuring Erik Malinowski)

EPISODE 81 (1/14/16): I Throw A Powerball (featuring Lance McCullers)

EPISODE 82 (1/20/16): Tuna Sandwiches and NBA Jam (featuring Jonah Keri)

EPISODE 83 (1/29/16): #GotYoBack and the JV Red Auerbach (featuring Marc Carig and Andrew Moore)

EPISODE 84 (2/4/16): Like Clayton Kershaw But Jewish (featuring Ryan Spaeder and Kevin Reavy)

EPISODE 85 (2/25/16): What These Pitchers Want (featuring Keith Law)

EPISODE 86 (3/12/16): The One With The Guy Who Put Us On TV (featuring Jesse Agler)

EPISODE 87 (3/24/16): White Sox Scenario (featuring Dan Hayes)

EPISODE 88 (4/2/16): Confessions of a Pseudo-Canadian (featuring Mark Teahen)

EPISODE 89 (4/19/16): Joey Rickard! (featuring Jon Meoli)

EPISODE 89.5 (5/8/16): Draft Chat with Chris Crawford of Baseball Prospectus (featuring Chris Crawford)

EPISODE 90 (5/17/16): Free the B (featuring a whole a bunch of e-mails)

EPISODE 91 (5/26/16): Aerospace Engineering (featuring Daniel Palka and Brandon Liebhaber)

EPISODE 92 (6/2/16): Lananna’s Savannah Bananas Bandanas (featuring Mike Lananna)

EPISODE 93 (6/22/16): Roadtrip Ramblings and Lana’s Regretful Return (featuring Lana Berry)

EPISODE 94 (7/16/16): The Carbecast (featuring us, in the car, talking about our roadtrip)

EPISODE 95 (7/28/16) The Rickey Ro Show (featuring Sahadev Sharma and Mickey Moniak)

EPISODE 96 (8/3/16): Gatorade Brewers (featuring Adam McCalvy)

EPISODE 97 (8/19/16): The Yiddish Curver (featuring Evan Drellich)

EPISODE 98 (9/21/16): 6 AM Waffle House > 6 AM Lifts (featuring Brent Honeywell)

EPISODE 99 (10/4/16): Winner Plays Gary Sanchez (featuring Ben Lindbergh)

EPISODE 100 (11/20/16): We Seriously Did 100 of These (featuring Rob Zastryzny)

EPISODE 101 (12/28/16): Go White Sox Go (featuring Lucas Giolito)

EPISODE 102 (1/7/17): Tales from Tbilisi (featuring Rhys Hoskins and Lincoln Mitchell)

EPISODE 103 (1/25/17): D-III Dreams and Lactose Intolerance (featuring Cody Ponce and JJ Cooper)

EPISODE 104 (2/13/17): Did You RSVP to Spring Training Yet? (featuring Andrew Moore and Rob Arthur)

 EPISODE 105 (2/20/17): Everything Was Done as Fuzzy (featuring Anthony Castrovince and Fuzzy Furr)

EPISODE 106 (4/10/17): Welcome Back, Baseball (featuring…no one)

EPISODE 107 (4/19/17): That’s What He Is (featuring J.B. Bukauskas)

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