Top 10 Shirsey Lists

DISCLAIMER: Shirsey rankings are but a snapshot of the ever-changing whirlwind world of internet shopping. They are simply a moment in time frozen by the whimsical words of two ADHD-riddled college freshmen. 


Houston Astros

  • Top Prospect: Double Sided Hunter Pence

Seattle Mariners

  • Top Prospect: Don Wakamatsu

Los Angeles Angels featuring Hudson Belinsky

  • Top Prospect: Tie Dye Vlad

Texas Rangers featuring Shutdown Inning

  • Top Prospect: Wrong Number Nolan Ryan

Oakland Athletics featuring Jason Wojciechowski

  • Top Prospect: HD Baker

AL Central

Chicago White Sox featuring Matt Adams

  • Top Prospect: Shingo Takatsu

Minnesota Twins featuring Brandon Warne

  • Top Prospect: Boof

Kansas City Royals featuring Mike Ferrin

  • Top Prospect: Gil Meche

Cleveland Indians featuring Al Ciammaichella

  • Top Prospect: Jordan Brown

Detroit Tigers featuring Matt Sussman and Jordan Gorosh

  • Top Prospect: Dontrelle Willis

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays featuring Andrew Stoeten

  • Top Prospect: Sexy Delgado

New York Yankees featuring Andrew Mearns

  • Top Prospect: George Costanza

Baltimore Orioles featuring Robbie Shorr

  • Top Prospect: Purple and Green Christ Davis

Tampa Bay Rays featuring just us :(

  • Top Prospect: Yellow Matt Joyce

Boston Red Sox featuring Matthew Kory

  • Top Prospect: Babe Ruth

NL West

Colorado Rockies featuring just us again :(

  • Top Prospect: Giambi Haltertop

San Diego Padres featuring Geoff Young

  • Top Prospect: Mat Latos

San Francisco Giants featuring Grant Brisbee

  • Top Prospect: Barry Bonds

Arizona Diamondbacks featuring DIARRHEA

  • Top Prospect: Matt Williams

Los Angeles Dodgers featuring Mike Petriello

  • Top Prospect: Kershaw Irish

NL Central

Chicago Cubs

  • Top Prospect: 

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Top Prospect: 

Cincinnati Reds 

  • Top Prospect: 

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Top Prospect: 

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Top Prospect: 

NL East

Florida Marlins

  • Top Prospect: 

New York Mets

  • Top Prospect: 

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Top Prospect: 

Washington Nationals

  • Top Prospect: 

Atlanta Braves 

  • Top Prospect: 

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