.gifs From Last Night: Bourn To Be Derp

Tigers vs. Indians

  • Oh we’ve totally seen this before. Slugger drives one to the warning track. CF wanders over. Ball bounces off CF and into seats for a home run. All center fielders deal with the shame in different ways. Some freak out, some laugh, some cry. Michael Bourn does all three and more:

“Wait. What? No. No. No.”

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Another Fun Barry Bonds Fact Because Duh

I understand that catchers are the type of position player that you would ever expect to steal. They’re are very very few in today’s game with anything that even resembles average speed, let alone base-stealing ability. Regardless, I took a look at some career stolen base totals for some active catchers and oh my god let’s relate it to Barry Bonds because Barry Bonds etc.


Earlier in his epic career, Barry Bonds actually stole a ton of bases. He was rather skinny and very quick on the basepaths, stealing a career high 52 bags in his 1990 campaign with Pittsburgh, and stealing at least 28 in nine other seasons. But let’s fast forward to the end of Barry Bonds’ career…

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The NBA Draft Lottery: WHAT DOES IT MEAN ?!

Jake’s home, and what better way to celebrate then watching one of the dumbest exercises in sports?

8:40 PM: Bill Simmons and company are discussing a graphic titled “NBA Lottery Power Rankings”. How does that even make sense…

8:41 PM: White guy walks to podium. He is the senior vice president of NBA security. What that has to do with anything…we have no idea. He could clearly pass as a first baseman/first base coach.

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These Cleats Are Made For Walking: RIP Jeff Keppinger

Well, I suppose it was inevitable but that doesn’t make it any easier. Ever since I noticed Jeffrey Scott Keppinger’s walkless existence around 50 plate appearances in, I had made it my duty to spread his impatience across the interwebz. And in the blink of an eye, it was over.

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Why Jose Bautista Followed Us On Twitter

Jose Antonio Bautista is many things. He is a superstar right fielder for the Blue Toronto Jays. He, like many other major leaguers, hails from Santo Domingo in the DR. He is a well dressed son-of-a-gun. One thing Jose Bautista is not however, is a close personal friend of either Jordan or myself. In fact, the CFB twitter didn’t even follow JoeyBats19 until we realized yesterday afternoon that

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 5.34.09 PM

To be fair, it probably doesn’t mean all that much. And he probably doesn’t actually read our stuff. But is Jose Bautista following you on twitter? Probably not. Here is a list of possible reasons for Jose to follow our Twitter:

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