Passionate Curveballs By Big Poop

If you don’t know who Big Poop is, go listen to our podcast. The following is his email/poem from a couple weeks ago titled passionate curveballs:

The sky was an ocean without waves, the waters still calm, save for a rogue ripple of a cloud, sailing slowly overhead.

“A lion” says Jose Fernandez, young stud phenom pitcher for the Miami Marlins, flashing his 80 grade smile, “it looks like a lion”
I smile and take a bite of the strawberry his fingers brought elegantly in front of my face. “You know, it does look like a lion.”
Jose’s grin remains and he finishes off the strawberry, which his immaculate hands still held. “Big Poop, I got you something” he says, boyishly breaking our eye contact. He reaches into his pocket and produces a small charm bracelet.
My eyes moisten as I put the trinket on. “Thank you so much Jose, I will cherish this forever”. We embrace each other for some time, our bodies melting together as a love cocoon, and after several moments of listening to the sounds of each others hearts beating, that love emerged as a butterfly.
I lay looking at Jose’s bronzed chest. He truly is immaculate in every way. I try to stifle my anticipation, but eventually I succumb, and scream for Jose to give me the curveball…
But alas, he only gives me the dick, and even in my disappointment, I am satisfied.


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