How To Get Backyard Baseball All Up In Your Life


Today Jordan finally released his Backyard Baseball player rankings and .gifs which were both fantastic. But another important thing happened today: I figured out how to get Backyard Baseball on your phone and on the Mac. Instructions are as follows.

For The iPhone:

Step 1: Set the date on your time to anytime before February 15th. (You can switch it back later. You only need to change it to download the game, not to play it.)

Step 2: On your phone, go to the following website.

Step 3: Download the GBA4iOS 2.0.1

Step 4: Once that is done downloading go to on your phone.

Step 5: Download the game. And follow the instructions.

Step 6: Mobile nirvana.

Lightweight Version For The Computer (Mac/PC):

Step 1: Go to and download their emulator.

Step 2: Go to and download the rom.

Step 3: Open the rom on the emulator.

Step 4: Somewhat disappointing nirvana. This is obviously the game boy version of the game. It’s like seeing a really good cover band of a group you grew up with. It’s fantastic, but it lacks some of the features of the PC/Windows version, which leads us to…

The Whole 9 Yards On The Computer (Mac/PC):

Step 1: Go to and download their emulator.

Step 2 (PC): Either torrent a version of the game online (if you are a cheapskate) or buy a disk (because the people that designed this game deserve all the money in the world).

Step 2 (Mac): You’re going to have to buy a disk.

Step 3: Drag the game files onto your desktop.

Step 4: Open the files up on scummvm and pray that it works.

Note: I haven’t tried this method yet. I  downloaded scummvm and that works fine, but I didn’t have a disk so I ordered one online. There’s a video here that can show you exactly how to do it. There are people who have gotten it to work that I’ve seen on message boards. Obviously I can’t confirm this method, but it looked legit enough to me to make the 20 dollar investment of buying a new copy of 2003.

Let me know how it went for you and if you have any questions. We are working to get a developer of the original on the podcast at some point so keep your fingers crossed for that.

#MVPablo forever and may your childhood memories be reborn.

<3 The CFBBQ Boys

One comment on “How To Get Backyard Baseball All Up In Your Life

  1. Justin says:

    I remember torrenting the game and using it through Scummvm. Not sure how I got it to work but I never had to buy the game, so I would hold off on buying the game if you can.

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