2014 CFBBQ Season Previews: New York Mets

Met Eyes

mets_withnames Off-season Haiku:

Curtis Granderson.

Dingers? Sure.BUT OH MY GOD,


Best Names in the Farm System:

  • LHP Jack Leathersich
  • RHP Hansel Robles
  • LHP Mark Cohoon
  • RHP Noah Syndergaard
  • C Xorge Carrillo
  • OF Joe Bonfe
  • OF Travis Taijeron
  • RHP Rainy Lara
  • SS Dimas Ponce
  • RHP Dawrin Frias
  • SS Ismael Tijerina
  • RHP Rolgenis Blanco
  • RHP Yrelvis Castillo
  • RHP Gregorix Estevez
  • RHP Randinson Suazo
  • RHP Marbin Montijo
  • 2B Rigoberto Terrazas
  • OF Ysidro Pierre
  • RHP Scarlyn Reyes
  • RHP Nabil Crismatt
  • RHP Bladimil Vallejo
  • OF Hengelbert Rojas
  • RHP Gaither Bumgardner
  • RHP Jhonaiker Rodriguez
  • RHP Wuender Fernandez
  • RHP Wimbert Martinez
  • OF Junior Carrion
  • SS Yeffry De Aza
  • RHP Yoryi Nuez
  • C Luis Arrizurieta
  • OF Wuilmer Becerra
  • 3B Yeixon Ruiz
  • RHP Edioglis Villasmil
  • OF Champ Stuart


  • Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will continue to struggle and or be hurt. This will lead to Josh Satin and his glorious eyebrows taking over the first base job. He will mash for a few weeks leading Mets fans to pack Citi Field with huge “Hail Satin” signs.
  • After a few years of injuries, Travis d’Arnaud will f’Inally have the b’Reakout s’Eason we’ve all been waiting for. He might even win the b’Atting title.
  • The Mets will grow tired of people doubting Juan Lagares’ defensive ability in center field. In a strange attempt to prove Lagares’ immense range, during their July series against the Marlins, they will flank Lagares with Lucas Duda in right and Bartolo Colon in left. 
  • Throughout the season, teams will begin experimenting with what they can get away with defensively when Bartolo Colon is up to bat. Late in the year, when both teams are long out of playoff contention, the Phillies will field a defense against Bartolo that will include Darin Ruf playing left field. How ridiculous!
  • Jeurys Familia will ask New Yorkers about Jeurys Familia.

One comment on “2014 CFBBQ Season Previews: New York Mets

  1. Vinnie The Gooch says:

    The haiku should be

    Curtis Granderson.
    Dingers? Sure.BUT OH MY GOD,

    Am I the only one that is reminded by of Livan Hernandez by Bartolo Colon?

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