2014 CFBBQ Season Previews: Detroit Tigers

Click here for all previous previews. 


Off-season Haiku:

Finally dumped Prince.

Gave Miggy all the money.

Two years for Rajai!

Best Names in the Farm System:

  • SS Dixon Machado
  • RHP Warwick Saupold
  • RHP Montreal Robertson
  • RHP Guido Knudson
  • RHP Yorfrank Lopez
  • OF Raph Rhymes
  • RHP Confesor Lara
  • LHP Gerbinson Perez
  • RHP Adenson Verastegui
  • C Arvicent Perez
  • DH Andres Sthormes
  • LHP Junior Camaripano
  • RHP Wildenson Yanez
  • C Jheyser Azuaje
  • 2B Keyder Aristigueta
  • 3B Dilinyer Flores
  • 3B Junnell Ledezma
  • SS Issrael De La Cruz


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