Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (AL Central)

If it wasn’t obvious already, we absolutely love ridiculous names. For each 2014 team preview, we included a list of the best names in the organization. Because it’s summer, I’m gonna take it one step further. I have assembled a starting lineup and starting rotation of the most spectacular names for every team in baseball using solely players in their respective minor league systems. You will read some of these names and question their legitimacy but a quick Google search will confirm each and every one these as 100% real. As a rule, each position must be played by a player that is actually listed at that position. For example, the Giants have five different shortstops with unbelievable names but I could only choose two (SS and DH). Every team has a DH, and the DH could be any position player. Each team also has a five man rotation. Rotations were certainly difficult to determine because OH MY GOD THESE PITCHER NAMES ARE UNREAL. Okay. TO THE SQUADS.

Click here for Part 1 (NL East).

Click here for Part 2 (AL East). 

Click here for Part 3 (NL Central).


Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox

  • C Ylexander Villaroel
  • 1B Rangel Ravelo
  • 2B Yolberth Gideon
  • 3B Joxelier Garcia
  • SS Cleuluis Rondon
  • OF Hanleth Otano
  • OF Gorkys Hernandez
  • OF Micker Zapata
  • DH Kale Kiser
  1. RHP Storm Throne
  2. LHP Jhoan Quijada
  3. RHP Eriberto Percel
  4. RHP Diogenes Rosario
  5. RHP Henry Mabee

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians

  • C Sicnarf Loopstok
  • 1B Jerrud Sabourin
  • 2B Yhoxian Medina
  • 3B Paddy Matera
  • SS Dorssys Paulino
  • OF Silento Sayles
  • OF Yosmar Mujica
  • OF D’vone Mujica
  • DH Giovanny Urshela
  1. RHP Michael Peoples
  2. RHP Duke von Schamann
  3. RHP Kieran Lovegrove
  4. RHP Rodolfo Villasmil
  5. RHP Dace Kime

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers

  • C Arvicent Perez
  • 1B Yerison Pena
  • 2B Keyder Aristigueta
  • 3B Dilinyer Flores
  • SS Issrael De La Cruz
  • OF Raph Rhymes
  • OF Orvin Tovar
  • OF Sauris Mejia
  • DH Andres Sthromes
  1. RHP Wildenson Yanez
  2. RHP Adenson Verastegui
  3. RHP Guido Knudson
  4. LHP Gerbinson Perez
  5. RHP Yorfrank Lopez

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals

  • C Beau Maggi
  • 1B Mark Threlkeld
  • 2B Offerman Collado
  • 3B Yorly Martinez
  • SS Orlando Calixte
  • OF Johermyn Chavez
  • OF Dexter Kjerstad
  • OF Cornelio Valerio
  • DH Meibrys Viloria
  1. RHP Sugar Ray Marimon
  2. RHP Brooks Pounders
  3. LHP Yojensy Arias
  4. RHP Starlin Quinonez
  5. RHP Zeb Sneed

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins

  • C Alex Swim
  • 1B Kennys Vargas
  • 2B Will Hurt
  • 3B Deibenson Romero
  • SS Engelb Vielma
  • OF Dubal Baez
  • OF Jeremias Pineda
  • OF Ivory Thomas
  • DH Jet Hernandez
  1. RHP Wilfredy Liranzo
  2. LHP Reyson Zoquiel
  3. RHP C.K. Irby
  4. LHP Hein Robb
  5. RHP D.J. Baxendale


  • C Sicnarf Loopstok (Indians)
  • 1B Rangel Ravelo (White Sox)
  • 2B Keyder Aristigueta (Tigers)
  • 3B Joxelier Garcia (White Sox)
  • SS Engelb Vielma (Twins)
  • OF Raph Rhymes (Tigers)
  • OF Silento Sayles (Indians)
  • OF Johermyn Chavez (Royals)
  • DH Jet Hernandez (Twins)
  1. RHP Storm Throne (White Sox)
  2. LHP Jhoan Quijada (White Sox)
  3. LHP Reyson Zoquiel (Twins)
  4. RHP Adenson Verastegui (Tigers)
  5. RHP Guido Knudson (Tigers)

One comment on “Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (AL Central)

  1. Joe says:

    For the Tribe, D’vone Mujica should have McClure for the correct last name, no word on if the middle name is Troy.

    Also, they acquired BAL’s Torsten Boss a day after trading for LAD’s Duke von Schamann.

    Even giving up names like Preston Guilmet and Colt Hynes, I think Cleveland came out ahead.

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