Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (NL West)

If it wasn’t obvious already, we absolutely love ridiculous names. For each 2014 team preview, we included a list of the best names in the organization. Because it’s summer, I’m gonna take it one step further. I have assembled a starting lineup and starting rotation of the most spectacular names for every team in baseball using solely players in their respective minor league systems. You will read some of these names and question their legitimacy but a quick Google search will confirm each and every one these as 100% real. As a rule, each position must be played by a player that is actually listed at that position. For example, the Giants have five different shortstops with unbelievable names but I could only choose two (SS and DH). Every team has a DH, and the DH could be any position player. Each team also has a five man rotation. Rotations were certainly difficult to determine because OH MY GOD THESE PITCHER NAMES ARE UNREAL. Okay. TO THE SQUADS.

Click here for Part 1 (NL East).

Click here for Part 2 (AL East). 

Click here for Part 3 (NL Central).

Click here for Part 4 (AL Central).


Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • C Raywilly Gomez
  • 1B Phildrick Llewellyn
  • 2B Fernery Ozuna
  • 3B Vicson Graciano
  • SS Josue Herrera
  • OF Socrates Brito
  • OF Frankies Alcantara
  • OF Yogey Perez-Ramos
  • DH Stryker Trahan
  1. RHP Silvino Bracho
  2. LHP Jose Jose
  3. RHP Merkis Montero
  4. RHP Wellinton Felix
  5. RHP Johnny Shuttlesworth

Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies

  • C Hamlet Marte
  • 1B Kiel Roling
  • 2B Taylor Featherston
  • 3B Jayson Langfels
  • SS Trevor Story
  • OF Delta Cleary Jr.
  • OF Omar Carrizales
  • OF Kyle Von TungeIn
  • DH Correlle Prime
  1. RHP Johendi Jiminian
  2. LHP Yoely Bello
  3. RHP Salvador Justo
  4. RHP Huascar Brazoban
  5. RHP Joey Payamps

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • C John Cannon
  • 1B O’Koyea Dickson
  • 2B Tyger Pederson
  • 3B Bladimir Franco
  • SS Bernys Almarante
  • OF Casio Grider
  • OF Ibandel Isabel
  • OF Devin Shines
  • DH Arce Rodriguez
  1. RHP Ralston Cash
  2. RHP Abdiel Valasquez
  3. RHP Danny Danielson
  4. RHP Lenix Osuna
  5. RHP Jharel Cotton

San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres

  • C Rocky Gale
  • 1B Derwin Pomare
  • 2B River Stevens
  • 3B Duanel Jones
  • SS Westhers Magdaleno
  • OF Mallex Smith
  • OF Franmil Reyes
  • OF Yorky Diaz
  • DH Malquiel Brito
  1. RHP Mayky Perez
  2. RHP Jaimito Lebron
  3. LHP Deninson Martinez
  4. RHP Jace Chancellor
  5. RHP Kevin Quackenbush

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

  • C Mecky Coronado
  • 1B Royel Astacio
  • 2B Rando Moreno
  • 3B Ryder Jones
  • SS Hengerber Medina
  • OF Shilo McCall
  • OF Joneshwy Fargas
  • OF Chuckie Jones
  • DH Travious Relaford
  1. LHP Deiyerbert Bolivar
  2. RHP Renzo Freite
  3. LHP Dainer Revolledo
  4. RHP Weilly Yan
  5. LHP Prebito Reyes


  • C Hamlet Marte (Rockies)
  • 1B Phildrick Llewellyn (Diamondbacks)
  • 2B Fernery Ozuna (Diamondbacks)
  • 3B Vicson Graciano (Diamondbacks)
  • SS Hengerber Medina (Giants)
  • OF Joneshwy Fargas (Giants)
  • OF Socrates Brito (Diamondbacks)
  • OF Yorky Diaz (Padres)
  • DH Arce Rodriguez (Dodgers)
  1.  RHP Johendi Jiminian (Rockies)
  2. LHP Jose Jose (Diamondbacks)
  3. LHP Deiyerbert Bolivar (Giants)
  4. RHP Ralston Cash (Dodgers)
  5. LHP Yoely Bello (Rockies)

One comment on “Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (NL West)

  1. ePoch270 says:

    I cannot see these list without hearing them in my head the way Key and Peele did it. Great job!

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