Organizational Lineups: The Best Names In the Minor Leagues (AL West)

If it wasn’t obvious already, we absolutely love ridiculous names. For each 2014 team preview, we included a list of the best names in the organization. Because it’s summer, I’m gonna take it one step further. I have assembled a starting lineup and starting rotation of the most spectacular names for every team in baseball using solely players in their respective minor league systems. You will read some of these names and question their legitimacy but a quick Google search will confirm each and every one these as 100% real. As a rule, each position must be played by a player that is actually listed at that position. For example, the Giants have five different shortstops with unbelievable names but I could only choose two (SS and DH). Every team has a DH, and the DH could be any position player. Each team also has a five man rotation. Rotations were certainly difficult to determine because OH MY GOD THESE PITCHER NAMES ARE UNREAL. Okay. TO THE SQUADS.

Click here for Part 1 (NL East).

Click here for Part 2 (AL East). 

Click here for Part 3 (NL Central).

Click here for Part 4 (AL Central).

Click here for Part 5 (NL West).


Houston Astros

Houston Astros

  • C Jobduan Morales
  • 1B Bobby Borchering
  • 2B Parker Hipp
  • 3B Arturo Michelena
  • SS Chan Moon
  • OF Ydarqui Marte
  • OF Brauly Mejia
  • OF Teoscar Hernandez
  • DH Kristian Trompiz
  1. RHP Rayderson Chevelier
  2. LHP Geronimo Franzua
  3. RHP Yonquelys Martinez
  4. LHP Starlyng Sanchez
  5. LHP Pat Urckfitz

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • C Anthony Bemboom
  • 1B Wade Hinkle
  • 2B Kirby Pellant
  • 3B Danny Richiez
  • SS Goldny Mills
  • OF Ranyelmy Mendoza
  • OF Michael Fish
  • OF Exicardo Cayones
  • DH Abel Baker
  1. RHP Orangel Arenas
  2. LHP Engerberg Rosales
  3. RHP Spencer Trygg
  4. LHP Eswarlin Jimines
  5. RHP Crusito Mieses

Oakland A's

Oakland Athletics

  • C Nick Rickles
  • 1B Max Muncy
  • 2B Javier Godard
  • 3B Miles Head
  • SS Chih Fang Pan
  • OF Herschel Powell
  • OF Jonesy Zarraga
  • OF Yhoelnys Gonzalez
  • DH Sandber Pimentel
  1. RHP Kayvon Bahramzadeh
  2. LHP Jhenderson Hurtado
  3. RHP Wilfredo Magallenes
  4. RHP Travis Pitcher
  5. RHP Emerson Nelo

Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners

  • C Geoandry Montilla
  • 1B Jordy Lara
  • 2B Gianfranco Wawoe
  • 3B Jhonbaker Morales
  • SS Greifer Andrade
  • OF Arby Fields
  • OF Janelfry Zorrilla
  • OF Chantz Mack
  • DH Burt Reynolds
  1. RHP Mayckol Guaipe
  2. LHP Melchor Urquides
  3. RHP Neritzon Osorio
  4. LHP Rohimard Carrillo
  5. RHP Yohailys Millord

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

  • C Yohel Pozo
  • 1B Crisford Adames
  • 2B Yimmelvyn Alonzo
  • 3B Porfirio Martinez
  • SS Yeyson Yrizarri
  • OF Sherman Lacrus
  • OF Saquan Johnson
  • OF Teodoro Martinez
  • DH Smerling Lantigua
  1. RHP Easton Napiontek
  2. LHP Nerfy Nunez
  3. LHP Gionny Fracchiolla
  4. RHP Richelson Pena
  5. LHP Ryne Slack


  • C Anthony Bemboom (Angels)
  • 1B Sandber Pimentel (Athletics)
  • 2B Gianfranco Wawoe (Mariners)
  • 3B Miles Head (Athletics)
  • SS Yeyson Yrizarri (Rangers)
  • OF Exicardo Cayones (Angels)
  • OF Janelfry Zorrilla (Mariners)
  • OF Burt Reynolds (Mariners)
  • DH Abel Baker (Angels)
  1. RHP Rayderson Chevalier (Astros)
  2. LHP Geronimo Franzua (Astros)
  3. RHP Travis Pitcher (Athletics)
  4. RHP Mayckol Guiape (Mariners)
  5. LHP Starlyng Sanchez (Astros)

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