CFBBQ OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Yoenis Gets Traded to Boston

“Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too” 

– “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Change is a horrifying, inevitable part of life. People are born, people die, the world moves on regardless of whether you want it to or not. Humans take what they are comfortable with for granted, which makes sudden change devastatingly difficult to deal with. Perspectives are forced to shift as settings previously considered unthinkable now become a stark, unwelcoming reality.

This morning, our hero and namesake Yoenis Cespedes was traded from the Oakland Athletics to the Boston Red Sox. Most importantly, Yoenis is still healthy, safe, and making boatloads of cash. He is going to love the Green Monster and looks wonderful in turtlenecks. Yoenis Cespedes is going to have a bit of an adjustment period, but he is going to be okay.

We are also going to be okay. First things first: we aren’t changing the name. “Cespedes Family Barbecue” is a moniker completely independent of any Major League Baseball organization. The 20 minute video of him working out, dancing with his family, and roasting a gigantic pig over an open fire is, and always will be, the most enlightening and life-changing video on the internet. Take a deep breath; the BBQ lives on.

For those of you less familiar with what we do, we are not, and have never been, an Oakland-centric blog. We enjoy watching the A’s and appreciate the way they operate their fan-interaction and public relations, but we are not in any way A’s fans. On that same subject, we are not going to, in any way, become a Boston-centric blog. We will continue doing exactly what we’ve done for the last year: provide you guys with free, mediocre, baseball-related humor. It’s just the colors around the words that might be a little different.

Yoenis had an amazing few years in Oakland. He shot dingers to the moon and pegged lasers to the plate. He single-handedly captivated an entire metropolitan area with his manicured eyebrows and charming Cuban smile. It’s time for Yoenis to tackle a new, more Bostonian challenge. For the BBQ, business continues as usual.

Goodbye Oakland. You were a fabulous host to our hero. You treated him with respect and we thank you for that with all of our hearts, minds, eyebrows, and biceps.


(thanks to Ryan Dunsmore for the Yoenis/Boston photoshop)


30 Ways the Rockies “Tulowizki” Giveaway Could Have Gone Worse

Earlier today, the Twitter universe learned of the Rockies giveaway disaster. They managed to spell the name of their superstar wrong on all X number of free jerseys they gave away to their home fans. Tulowizki. Troy Tulowizki! No, seriously, Troy Tulowizki:

// after, we saw this wonderful tweet from Mr. Grant Brisbee:

It got us thinking. The Rockies sure messed up, but it could have been a lot worse for some other teams.

Baltimore Orioles

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.17.14 PM

New York Yankees

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.39.56 PM

Boston Red Sox

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.19.11 PM

Toronto Blue Jays

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.22.55 PM

Tampa Bay Rays

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.47.59 PM

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The Time I Struck Out A Minor League Pitcher

Yesterday, I pitched against a professional baseball player. What did you do yesterday?

BFF of the BBQ Kieran Lovegrove was the unlucky victim forced to stand toe to toe against America’s ROOGY. The setting was less than ideal, as I would prefer to be in a Major League park wearing actual baseball clothing. Forced to suffer through the reprehensible conditions in the parking lot behind the State College Spikes stadium, I had a great deal to overcome.


I knew the legend known as Lovegrove struggles with hard stuff in under the hands so I decided to start off the at-bat with a two-seamer on the inner half. The devastating arm-side run on my fastball was too much for him to handle as he jammed the ball foul the other way.

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My 25 Favorite Barry Bonds Facts


(This was originally published on July 24, 2014. In honor of the Giants retiring Bonds’ #25, all stats have been updated through August 11, 2018. Congratulations, Barry!)

About six months ago, I wrote a piece for Michael Clair’s annual blogathon to raise money for Doctors Without Borders titled “25 Greatest Barry Bonds Facts”. To this day, it remains my favorite thing I’ve written, and it’s a collection of statistical absurdities that I’m very proud of.

Today is Barry Lamar Bonds’ 50th birthday. In honor of this special day, I’ve updated all the statistics in my original list and brought it back here to CFBBQ. As many of you know, we here at the BBQ absolutely love everything that Bonds did for baseball. He is quite clearly the greatest hitter in the history of the game, and still remains remarkably under-appreciated a mere seven years after his final season with the Giants.

I’d like to think I’ve played a tiny, tiny part in the slow progression towards a full-blown mainstream appreciation for the incredible things that Bonds did on the baseball field. There have been sporadic “Barry Bonds Crazy Fun Facts” posts over the years, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Barry’s birthday has already spawned a few more of these wonderful collections earlier today, most notably Tim Marchman’s over at Deadspin.

Certain Bonds facts resonate more with certain people, for whatever reasons. These 25 have remained my favorite, but there is a decent chance I’ll have 25 new favorites by this time next year. The career of Barry Bonds is an infinite gold mine of mind-blowing statistical miracles; there’s a favorite Bonds fact for each and every one of us.

Without further ado, here they are. My 25 favorite Barry Bonds facts.

25. For his career, Barry Bonds was 0-3 with 3 K’s against Rick Ankiel

…and it was all in one game. June 20th, 2000. In his first plate appearance against the then 20-YEAR-OLD Ankiel, Bonds worked Ankiel to a full count before striking out swinging. In his second plate appearance, Ankiel struck him out swinging on three pitches. In his third and final plate appearance against, again, RICK ANKIEL, Barry Bonds struck out looking on three pitches. They would never face each other again. Rick Ankiel is one of two pitchers to have faced Barry Bonds four times or less and strike him out three times. The other one is Bartolo Colon. Bonds also only faced Bartolo for one game; June 12th, 2003 against the White Sox. First AB: strikeout swinging. Second AB: strikeout swinging. Third AB: strikeout swinging. Fourth AB: home run to take the lead in the top of the ninth inning.

24. Craig Biggio drove in 1,175 runs in his 20 year career. Barry Bonds’ home runs alone drove in 1,174 runs.

It’s almost like Barry Bonds hit a lot of home runs or something.

23. 2001-2004 fWAR (FanGraphs’ version of WAR):

  • Barry Bonds: 46.6 fWAR
  • New York Mets: 46.6 fWAR
  • Milwaukee Brewers: 45.3 fWAR
  • Kansas City Royals: 31.0 fWAR
  • Detroit Tigers: 30.9 fWAR
  • Montreal Expos: 30.7 fWAR

2001-2004 was a fun time for Mr. Bonds, and this list makes that very clear. The level at which he was dominating baseball will probably never be seen again. Barry Bonds drew 120 intentional walks in 2004 alone. Speaking of intentional walks…

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Episode 42: The Brady Aiken Mess and the Legend of Gobbles Gallo



Welcome to Barbecast 42! As you can see, there are two podcasts up above. One is the Diet, and one is the FULL BARBECAST. They are both available for download on iTunes. If you don’t know what the Diet Barbecast is, click here for more info.

We’ve got two special guests this week (Note: you’ll only hear the first guest on this week’s Diet Barbecast).  First (at 19:33), we talked to Rick Giolito (father of Nationals prospect Lucas) about the Brady Aiken situation and his experience being in a similar situation when Lucas was drafted after getting hurt. Rick also talked about Lucas’ progression in his first season of pro ball and what we can expect from him going forward. Next (52:50), we talked to the mysteriously spectacular Tepid Participation. You may know Tepid, or, “Michael”, as the guy on Twitter who loves to tweet about Rangers prospects, and that’s cause HE KNOWS ALL DA RANGERS PROSPECTS. We talked to Tepid about a few Rangers prospects, focusing mostly on recent Futures Game superstar Joey Gallo and what makes him so special.

After that, we’ve got the usual B-Ref Battle featuring one of the more lucrative names we’ve ever had. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered Lana’s recent visit to Los Angeles and why she was hanging out with the USMNT. We finished up with a Barbecuers update and brief salute to 42 himself. Thanks for listening <3


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CFBBQ News: A New Kind of Barbecast

Hey! We’ve got some news. If you listen to our podcast, The Barbecast, on a regular basis, then this news applies to you. If you don’t listen to the Barbecast on a regular basis, this news might apply to you too! But no promises.

Here’s the deal: our podcast is long. Sometimes it’s two hours! Sometimes it’s three hours! We know it’s long, and we like it that way. Longer podcasts like Up and In are what inspired us to start podcasting in the first place. Our current format allows us to talk more naturally and have interviews that last 30-45 minutes, along with our other usual segments. Fortunately, our current format isn’t really going to change. Even more fortunately, we’re gonna have a shorter version of our podcast available too; a Diet Barbecast, if you will. The Diet Barbecast will feature the best of the full Barbecast, and should be around 30 minutes long. For now, this abbreviated podcast will be found on the same iTunes page and will be labeled accordingly. The full Barbecast will remain available on iTunes for those that have the attention span and interest in us rambling for a full two hours. Both the Diet and the full Barbecast will be available to be streamed here on the site on each podcast post.

Most importantly, this is very much an experiment. The Diet will require more effort when it comes to actually editing, which if you’ve listened to the Barbecast, you know is never much of a focus. However, we’re committed to testing this out and see how it turns out. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve any part of our podcast, let us know! We really appreciate any feedback. Thanks for listening <3

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Our Very Own Triple-A All-Star Teams


The Triple-A All Star Game rewards players who have had a particularly notable first half of the season. Participants are selected for a combination of production at the Minor League level and for the faintest glimmer of prospect status. The former qualification results in the addition of players of a slightly older demographic. Players whose names make you spit out whatever craft beer you have in your mouth while you have heatflash nightmares of top prospect lists from 2006. These are players whom you know not because you want to know them, but because sometime in the past they forced their way into our consciousness. The Triple-A All Star Game is not designed for these players, but screw that. We decided to pick our own Triple-A All Star Game rosters based on nothing but name recognition and derp-factor.

Rules: We each had to compile a 25-man roster using players from our respective leagues (I did the International League, and Jordan did the Pacific Coast League), and present a starting lineup. Unlike the actual all-star games which require one player from each team to be represented, we chose the best 25 names we could find.

International League 

by Jake Mintz

Starting lineup:

C – Ronny Paulino (DET/Toledo): There is not a single player in the history of Major League Baseball who sounds more like a character on Jersey Shore than Ronny Paulino. Ronny Paulino struck out 4 times in 7 plate appearances against Jason Isringhausen.

1B – Dan Johnson (TOR/Buffalo): Yes. This is that Dan Johnson. We all owe Dan Johnson for being an important part of the greatest night MLB has ever seen. What we can learn from him, however, is that a guy who hits a clutch home run after hitting .119 all year was hitting .119 for a reason.

2B – Mike Fontenot (TB/Durham): Mike Fontenot is still the reason Mike Fontenot gets up every morning. Mike Fontenot is 0-5 against Randy Wolf with 4 strikeouts.

SS – Emmanuel Burriss (WAS/Syracuse): I love Emmanuel Burris, but I am biased. When I was 7, Emmanuel Burris was my coach at baseball camp. Now I coach Emmanuel Burris’ niece and nephew and they are the most pleasant and fastest children at camp. Emmanuel Burriss hit his only major league home run and it was off Bronson Arroyo and it was a bomb.

3B – Wilson Betemit (TB/Durham): Wilson Betemit is only 32, which is crazy because he’s been in the league since 2001. Betemit has one career postseason home run and it was off Aaron Heilman. The only pitcher to intentionally walk Wilson Betemit twice was Tony Armas Jr.

RF – Julio Borbon (BAL/Norfolk): Scott Boras has many famous clients. One of those clients is Julio Borbon. If the stories about Boras creating extensive binders for his free agent clients are true, I’d like to see the one he made for Julio Borbon that landed him such a sweet deal with the Orioles.

CF – Andres Torres (BOS/Pawtucket): Andres Torres has ADD and I know this because on FOX during the 2010 World Series Joe Buck talked about how once the Giants gave Torres Adderall, he was able to focus better at the plate. I knew that was bullshit because I take Adderall and I can’t focus anywhere. Andres Torres is older than both Adam Levine and Usher.

LF – Clete Thomas (PHI/Lehigh Valley): Clete Thomas sounds like a fictional Greek superhero from a children’s book who can magically turn into a shoe at any moment. Unfortunately for Clete Thomas, Clete Thomas is a boring, no-hit, quad-A outfielder.

SP – Jason Marquis (PHI/Lehigh Valley):  Since 2010, Marquis has been worth -2.9 WAR as a pitcher and 0.5 WAR as a hitter. You might wonder why a 35-year-old guy who’s made over $50 million in his career would want to spend any more time pitching for a baseball team called the IronPigs. Then again, that sounds like a pretty sweet gig.


  • C  Corky Miller (CIN/Louisville)
  • 1B Brent Morel (PIT/Indianapolis)
  • 2B Cord Phelps (BAL/Norfolk)
  • SS Jayson Nix (TB/Durham)
  • 3B Russ Canzler (PHI/Lehigh Valley)
  • OF Adron Chambers (TOR/Buffalo)
  • OF Melky Mesa (TOR/Buffalo)
  • 2B Ryan Roberts (BOS/Pawtucket)


  • LHP Mike Zagurski (TOR/Buffalo)
  • RHP Shaun Marcum (CLE/Columbus)
  • RHP Matt Capps (CLE/Columbus)
  • RHP Carlos Marmol (CIN/Louisville)
  • RHP Chien-Ming Wang (CHW/Charlotte)
  • LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith (CIN/Louisville)
  • RHP Alfredo Aceves (NYY/Scranton Wilkes-Barre)
  • RHP Josh Roenicke (WAS/Syracuse)


Pacific Coast League

by Jordan Shusterman

Starting lineup:

C – Eli Whiteside (CHC/Iowa): “Jealousy/Turning saints into the sea/Swimming through sick lullabies/Choking on your alibis. But it’s just the price I pay, destiny is calling me. Open up my eager eyessssssssssss…CAUSE I’M ELI WHITESIDE.”

1B – Lars Anderson (CHC/Iowa): Lars Anderson has 80 career minor league home runs and zero career major league home runs. Lars Anderson has one career extra base hit in the big leagues and it was off Doug Fister.

2B – Jason Donald (TEX/Round Rock): The despicable enemy who beat out the infield single to ruin Armando Galarraga’s perfect game.

3B – Pete Orr (MIL/Nashville): Pete Orr is Canadian and has the same last name as hockey legend Bobby Orr so he must have liked Bobby Orr growing up. Pete Orr is two weeks younger than Tracy McGrady.

SS – Ronny Cedeno (ARI/Reno): Recently traded to Arizona from Philadelphia for a minor league catcher named Raywilly, Cedeno has hit .302 in his first 12 games with Reno. If you’re a Venezuelan who can play shortstop at the major league level, you’re gonna stick around for way, way too long. Ronny Cedeno has made over $7 million in his career.

LF – Brian Bogusevic (MIA/New Orleans): It seems ridiculous, but Brian Bogusevic somehow looks exactly like what you would imagine a Brian Bogusevic to look like.

CF – Jason Pridie (COL/Colorado Springs):  Turns out Jason Pridie was the guy the Orioles called up from Triple-A when Manny Machado’s leg exploded last year. I can’t imagine why that move didn’t get any attention. Why mourn the loss of your future superstar when you could celebrate a current legend’s return to glory at the major league level? Very strange. If anything, I’m sure Jason takes pridie in that specific call-upBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

RF – Jeremy Hermida (MIL/Nashville): Before the 2004 season, Baseball America ranked Jeremy Hermida as the 28th best prospect in baseball. Before the 2005 season, Baseball America ranked Hermida as the 18th best prospect in baseball. Before the 2006 season, Baseball America ranked Hermida as the 4th best prospect in baseball. In the middle of the 2014 season, Cespedes Family Barbecue ranks Jeremy Hermida as the best right field prospect on the 2014 Nashville Sounds.

SP – Jason Berken (SFG/Fresno): While Berken may not be the craziest name I found (hello, Todd Coffey ON THE SEATTLE MARINERS APPARENTLY), I chose it almost entirely to break Jake’s Oriole-loving heart. Jason Berken! Berken is world-renowned for his 6.54 ERA over 119.2 innings in 2009, and even more well known for allowing Jacoby Ellsbury to hit .700/.800/1.100 against him in 15 plate appearances.


  • OF Trayvon Robinson (LAD/Albuquerque)
  • OF Travis Buck (SDP/El Paso)
  • 3B Chris Nelson (SDP/El Paso)
  • 1B Brandon Allen (NYM/Las Vegas)
  • 2B Eugenio Velez (MIL/Nashville)
  • 3B Andy Marte (ARI/Reno)
  • 3B Brent Lillibridge (TEX/Round Rock)


  • LHP Brian Burres (COL/Colorado Springs)
  • RHP Brett Tomko (COL/Colorado Springs)
  • LHP Tsuyoshi Wada (CHC/Iowa)
  • RHP David Aardsma (STL/Memphis)
  • LHP Pedro Feliciano (STL/Memphis)
  • RHP Brad Penny (MIA/New Orleans)
  • RHP Kameron Loe (ARI/Reno)
  • RHP Philip Humber (OAK/Sacramento)
  • RHP Todd Coffey (SEA/Tacoma)

2014 Home Run Derby Preview: Yoenis’ Quest to Defend His Title

One year ago, our hero Yoenis Cespedes showcased his remarkable abilities when he crushed 32 bombs on his way to the 2013 Home Run Derby title. It was one of the most incredible displays of power in Derby history, and Yoenis was finally recognized as one of the elite power hitters in the game today. He concluded his glorious night with one of the greatest bat flips in the history of bat flips; a majestic flip signifying his superiority over the rest of the baseball universe:

Tonight, he returns to the Derby to defend his precious title. The only player to ever win the Derby in back-to-back years was Ken Griffey Jr. in 1998 and 1999, so history is most certainly against our hero. Also in his way is a significantly stronger group of competition compared to last year’s opposing crop of sluggers. Sure, Yoenis had to defeat the religious experience that was #ChristDavis, as well as Nationals phenom BRUCE HOOPER. But 2014 brings a whole new challenge; a challenge that may or may not rhyme with the words “Ziancarlo Blanton”.

This year’s home run contest includes ten hitters instead of eight, and a new format that I don’t entirely understand. I can reasonably assume that the main objective is still to hit as many gargantuan over-the-fence balls as possible. Under that assumption, here’s a preview of tonight’s extravaganza:

Derby competitors ranked by likeliness to win, from least likely to most likely:

10. Brian Dozier (0% chance to win)

  • This is a nice story. Brian Dozier is an awesome baseball player with more power than one might expect from a 5’11” second baseman. But no. There is absolutely no way this guy comes anywhere near the Derby crown. I do fully expect the Minnesota crowd to give him a hearty applause for every line drive he laces into the enormous gaggle of incompetent children attempting to field the baseballs. He might even hit a few actual home runs! Just a few, though. Just a few :(

9. Justin Morneau (0% chance to win)

  • This is an even nicer story! Morneau, the consistently concussed Canadian, returns to his old stomping grounds to prove to his former fans that he can still hit the ball out the park, and not just his friendly new Coors Field home. But again, the Derby is not about nice stories; it’s about ruthless destruction of baseballs into parts of the park that we don’t even know exist yet. I’m a big Morneau fan, and I genuinely hope he performs at a respectable level. Unfortunately, he doesn’t match up very well against some of the powerhouses in this year’s contest.

8. Josh Donaldson (0% chance to win)

  • A teammate of our beloved slugger, Donaldson has recently emerged as one of the premier third baseman in all of baseball. He’s certainly got the kind of raw power you wanna see in a Derby contender, but his swing just doesn’t quite scream HOME RUN CHAMPION to me like some of the others he’ll be competing against do. Donaldson is much more likely to seriously injure one of the juvenile outfielders with a screaming line drive than he is to hit a tape-measure bomb to the third deck in left field. He’s a fantastic baseball player, but he does not appear to have the best skill-set to win this competition.

7. Todd Frazier (0% chance to win)

  • Just when you thought the Derby couldn’t get any more DAD after Michael Cuddyer’s inspiring 2013 performance, here comes good ol’ Toad Frizzer. Frazier does have legitimate power, but it’s weird power. If you recall, Frazier’s the one that once THREW THE BAT AT THE BALL AND HIT A HOME RUN. It will be interesting to see if he employs that unique strategy tonight, although I’d imagine he’d be quickly disqualified for endangering the lives of those in the vicinity of his swing.

6. Troy Tulowitzki (0% chance to win)

  • Tulo might just be the best non-Trout player on the planet, and it will be fascinating to see how his elite intensity carries over into the Derby. The best part about Tulo this year has been the fact that he’s actually playing baseball almost every day, which we haven’t seen him do in nearly three years. Tulowitzki is heading into the All-Star break with a comical 1.048 OPS, and yes, of course you can attribute a lot of that to Coors Field, but HE IS STILL REALLY FREAKIN’ GOOD OKAY GOSH. Anyway, while Tulo has always had impressive power, he never really comes to mind as someone that can put on a crazy show in batting practice. As the captain, Tulo’s already achieved exactly what we were all hoping for, and that’s picking Yasiel Puig and Giancarlo Stanton to be on the NL team with him. Whatever Tulo actually does in the Derby probably won’t matter at all. How clever! Maybe Tulo will show up and hit lefty. He’d still probably out-homer Dozier.

5. Adam Jones (1% chance to win)

  • Jonesy is the first challenger that I’m giving any outside chance to win, and this is almost entirely because of what we saw last week at Nationals Park. Jones is certainly known for his power, but what we saw was far more impressive than anything we’ve seen in game for him. During his few rounds of batting practice during the series in Washington against the Nats, Jones was routinely parking balls way, WAY beyond the left-center field fence. He’s not gonna win, but he could totally win. He’s got more pop than you think.

4. Jose Bautista (1% chance to win)

  • We have a complicated history with Mr. Bats. A while back, Jose Bautista followed us on Twitter. This was certainly not any sort of achievement; Jose Bautista follows everyone on Twitter. What happened several weeks later was significantly more impressive: Jose Bautista unfollowed us. What could the BBQ have POSSIBLY done to get Joey Bats to click the unfollow button? How did he even notice us in his presumably insane news feed full of random weirdos? There are many questions left unanswered. What we do know is that Joey Bats can still hit some moon shots. He’s hit some crazy home runs in-game against the woeful Twins in Target Field, like this second-deck shot from 2011. He’s certainly weird on the Internet, but he can still mash with the best of them. I expect an impressive performance from Sir Bats.

3. Yasiel Puig (3% chance to win)

  • Do we love Puig? Of course we love Puig. He’s a ridiculous baseball player with an even more ridiculous personality. There’s no one quite like him, and he’s got the kind of raw power to win this competition. His subtle rivalry with Yoenis is one that has been bubbling ever since he started tearing up the National League early last year, and tonight’s Derby might elevate the competitive Cubans to another level of competitive Cuban-ness. Puig is a wildcard though, and while we can be sure he’ll hit some obscene bombs to deep left field tonight, there’s an equally good chance that he pops some balls up in the infield. He’ll certainly have fun with it, but I’m not convinced he has the focus to win the entire thing.

2. Giancarlo Stanton (5% chance to win)

  • There are a lot of very smart people that believe that this competition is already over; Giancarlo has more power than any other non-Wily Mo Pena hitter in the world, and he should steamroll the competition in his first ever Derby. I absolutely love watching Giancarlo hit baseballs hilariously far distances with ease. He’s amazing. He’s younger than George Springer! He has a legitimate chance to dethrone our hero from Granma. I have no inside info regarding how badly Giancarlo wants to win this competition, but I can guarantee you the Derby crown doesn’t mean as much to him as it does to La Potencia.

1. Yoenis Cespedes (90% chance to win) (click here for our official Derby preview video)

  • Here’s the thing everyone needs to understand about Yoenis Céspedes Milanés: he lives for the long ball. He may not pimp them like Big Papi, flip them like Puig, or crush them like Giancarlo. Those aesthetics are unquestionably great. But they simply can’t match Cespedes on a spiritual level. ‘Tonight, every ball that travels from Yo’s barrel to the outfield seats will mean so much more than any other home run. As each ball flies into the great beyond of Target Field,  take a moment to appreciate the simplest thing we have in life: the dinger. A man, his bat, his eyebrows, and Chris Berman screaming “BACKBACKBACKBACKBACKBACK”. Tonight, we believe. 


Episode 41: World Cup Wiener Eating

Welcome to Barbecast 41! This week’s podcast almost has more to do with futbol and hot dogs than baseball, but that’s okay; we think you’ll enjoy it regardless. We have TWO special guests this week.

Our first special guest is CJ Wittmann of Baseball Prospectus (15:43). We talked to CJ for twenty solid minutes about the recently released mid-season Top 50 Prospect list over at BP and which prospects he is high on, low on, medium on, and which prospects he has a special place in his heart for. CJ is Mort’s cousin, and his #MortBlood and #MortAccent definitely shine through in this interview. For the full Top 50 list, click here.

Our second special guest is baseball player and hot dog connoisseur, Carlos Rodon (38:28). Carlos was selected third overall by the White Sox in last month’s draft, so we had him on to talk about the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. We talked about hot dog consumption strategies, nicknames, and which MLB players would have a chance against Joey Chestnut. (For more from Carlos, check out Barbecast 25 and Barbecast 29. You won’t regret it.)

After our special guests, we did our weekly B-Ref Battle of extraordinary baseball names and it was kindly interrupted by Jake’s grandma. How cute.

We recorded a segment in the car on the way to the Bowie Baysox game about THE WORLD CUP OF SOCCER FUTBOL and all the questions I had about the sport/the tournament.

Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry included MORE SOCCER TALK. Lana hasn’t watched much of the World Cup. We asked her why. Her reasons were reasonable. Go Lana!

The end of this glorious podcast is a brief Barbecuers update and then we say goodbye. I also predicted the Netherlands would win the World Cup, merely hours before they lost. Sorry. Thanks for listening <3

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