CFBBQ News: A New Kind of Barbecast

Hey! We’ve got some news. If you listen to our podcast, The Barbecast, on a regular basis, then this news applies to you. If you don’t listen to the Barbecast on a regular basis, this news might apply to you too! But no promises.

Here’s the deal: our podcast is long. Sometimes it’s two hours! Sometimes it’s three hours! We know it’s long, and we like it that way. Longer podcasts like Up and In are what inspired us to start podcasting in the first place. Our current format allows us to talk more naturally and have interviews that last 30-45 minutes, along with our other usual segments. Fortunately, our current format isn’t really going to change. Even more fortunately, we’re gonna have a shorter version of our podcast available too; a Diet Barbecast, if you will. The Diet Barbecast will feature the best of the full Barbecast, and should be around 30 minutes long. For now, this abbreviated podcast will be found on the same iTunes page and will be labeled accordingly. The full Barbecast will remain available on iTunes for those that have the attention span and interest in us rambling for a full two hours. Both the Diet and the full Barbecast will be available to be streamed here on the site on each podcast post.

Most importantly, this is very much an experiment. The Diet will require more effort when it comes to actually editing, which if you’ve listened to the Barbecast, you know is never much of a focus. However, we’re committed to testing this out and see how it turns out. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve any part of our podcast, let us know! We really appreciate any feedback. Thanks for listening <3

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