Oscar Taveras Tribute Video

Sick. That’s how I felt when we heard the news that Oscar Taveras, the future Cardinals superstar, had died tragically in a car accident. As the news broke and was eventually confirmed on Twitter, it felt like someone had sucker punched me in the stomach.

I assume this is how most of the baseball community felt as well. The World Series, however riveting it may be, suddenly felt unwatchable. At the core, baseball is a game played by young men, and the fact that one of these young men lost his life instantly becomes more important than whatever Madison Bumgarner is going to do tonight.

I’m not sure what the “proper” way to react to this news is. Maybe this video is insensitive and if it offends you I’m genuinely sorry, but in times of sadness it’s helpful to find comfort in the tangible.

Oscar Taveras was going to be a superstar. Scouts and prognosticators all agreed that this kid had the potential to do amazing things between the lines. The thing is, he had already become something amazing. Hundreds of thousands of young Dominican kids dream of one day playing in the big leagues. Taveras died having already fulfilled that dream.

I didn’t know Oscar Taveras. Chances are neither did you. But for whatever reason, right now, it feels like we did. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. May they find peace in this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Oscar. You were fucking awesome.


3 comments on “Oscar Taveras Tribute Video

  1. Chris says:

    A moving tribute to a very gifted young man taken too soon.
    You’ve done well mate.

  2. KP says:

    Great video Jake. Thanks for sharing. Had the pleasure of witnessing that first career HR live in person. Rain coming down at the same time made for an awesome moment. I’m gonna miss that beautiful swing and how when he made solid contact, you immediately knew it was headed for the seats.

  3. Kourage K. says:

    We have been cheated out of watching baseball’s next superstar. This is a day of infinite sadness.

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