Episode 67: The Best Podcast Money Can Buy

Welcome to Barbecast 67! Our special guest this week (at 21:30) is the author of “The Best Team Money Can Buy”, Molly Knight. TBTMCB is Baseball Twitter’s favorite thing at the moment and we also enjoy it quite a bit, so we had Molly on to talk about some of the highlights of the book, including…

  • PUIG. Duh.
  • The evolution of Zack Greinke as a Dodger
  • what the hell Ned Colleti is up to
  • how writing the book has affected Molly’s Dodger fanhood
  • …and more!

After Molly, we participated in yet another B-Ref Battle chock full of absurd sounds that are actually names and a fair share of World War II jokes. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered how her roommate Molly’s book has positively and affected HER life since she moved in…and how much she likes the book, of course. We concluded with an exciting Barbecuers update and an update on our remaining summer plans. Thanks for listening <3

Buy Molly’s book!



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