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10:00 AM EST – November 9th, 2015: What is Dave Dombrowski Running From?!?


So we were totally planning on making all these rumors up, but it looks like the first piece of news on the Free Agent Tracker is actually real?!? As first reported by Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, Dave Dombrowski, Boston’s new President of Baseball Ops, went for a run this morning. The distance, pace, and incline of Mr. Dombrowski’s  jog have not yet been confirmed. Also yet to be confirmed are the contents of Dombrowski’s so-called “Running Jamz” playlist.

We’ll update you on this situation as we hear more, but it’s good to know that an aging roster, bloated contracts, and a frustrated owner aren’t the only things Dombrowski is running from.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.13.14 PM

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