Episode 107: That’s What He Is


Welcome to Barbecast 107! We have two special guests this week. First up (at 17:25) is Steve Gerken, Average Dude from Austin, Texas. Who the hell is Steve Gerken? Good question! Steve sent us an e-mail for Barbecast 106 in which he explained that he basically has never played baseball (in any form!) despite being a totally normal 21-year-old guy. We asked him to defend himself. After Steve (at 29:20), we brought on J.B. Bukauskas, junior right-handed pitcher at the University of North Carolina. While J.B.’s ERA (1.40) is nearly double Jake’s (0.72), J.B. has a significantly higher chance of being drafted in the first round of the 2017 Draft. We talked about growing up playing baseball in the DC area, being on campus when UNC won March Madness, and the best players he’s faced during his time in Chapel Hill. After J.B. (at 53:00), we participated in a wonderful B-Ref Battle featuring an obscure record-holder, and one of our favorite players in the history of the segment, thanks to his outrageously strange and convoluted background. We will never get tired of this. We concluded (at 1:10:00) with a brief discussion on Our New Overlord Eric Thames and provide a Varsity Baseball Update about Jake’s brief stint ATOP a real actual leader board. Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3


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