Trip Preview: Day 3

As some of you know, Jordan and I will be embarking on our crazy trip next week. We will drive over 1,900 miles in the pursuit of whatever it is we are pursuing. We shall chronicle all our adventures on the blog and on the new podcast we plan to start on the trip. In anticipation of these shenanigans, this week I’ll be previewing each of our stops along the way. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 9th

Start Point: Somewhere near Clinton, Iowa

End Point: Wrigley Field, Chicago

Approximate Milage: 293 Miles

Driving Time: 5 Hours and 27 Minutes

Baseball Stuff: Los Angeles Angels vs. Chicago Cubs

Notes: We will wake up early in Iowa (Or is it heaven? No, it’s Iowa) and drive about an hour north to Dyersville, Iowa; home of The Field of Dreams. We aren’t Shoeless Joe or James Earl Jones, but like every baseball fan we too have a rightful claim to the cornfield. The one regret about the planning of the entire trip was that we didn’t figure out how to bring a dad with us to the Field of Dreams to play catch with. We plan on bringing “dad-hats” instead. After the Iowa magic has completely rejuvenated our bones, we will hop back in the car and head east towards Chicago. Our general admission bleacher seats will put us in the perfect spot to catch some Mark Trumbo BP home runs. Any day that has The Field Of Dreams and Mike Trout sounds good to me.

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