Episode 9: PUNTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s just another Manic Monday, which means Barbecast 9 is here to be consumed by some undetermined number of humans. Our special guest is Stevo Sama of death metal fame and fortune as well as his baseball knowledge. You can see some rather vile pictures of Stevo below. He was fantastic and we had no idea what references he was making the whole time. Follow him @yoshiki89. He also bLOLgs about basebLOL at http://xtrabasehit.blogspot.com/. Excuse the plus-plus technical difficulties. Our e-mails include the return of Little Poop, a discussion about our baseball cabinet and debating freedom…or something. Baseball talk includes a long discussion about tiebreakers and our ideas to improve them and make them more entertaining. This of course is significantly less relevant now that the three-way tie can’t happen, but it’s still a fun discussion mostly revolving around Tropicana Field. Our new segment is TALES FROM LOGDOG featuring everyone’s favorite, Lana Berry. We talked for like five minutes and it was almost funny. Thanks for listening <3

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Crazy pictures of Stevo from when he was a death metal superstar:

(Stevo is the dude on the far left who cares not for sanity)

One comment on “Episode 9: PUNTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. […] Of course James Loney lead the majors in line drive rate at 29.8%. AND OF COURSE GREGOR BLANCO WAS SECOND AT 27.7% tied with Joe Mauer. Actually, let’s lower that minimum PA’s number to 200…OH HEY NICK PUNTO. BEST LINE DRIVE RATE IN BASEBALL AT 29.9%. PUNTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. […]

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