Jake and Jordan Are Taking A Trip

Hello all. Recently, Jordan and I sat down with our parents and convinced them to somehow let us drive cross country this summer to watch baseball. After months of discussing and planning, we came up with our final plan on the way to the meeting. We will be writing everyday about everything we see along the way. Prospects, stadiums, weird restaurants, gross hotels, mayoral basements, jetskiing. You will hear about them all.

We are also considering a PODCAST!!!!!!!!! So all 5 of you can listen to us ramble about absolutely nothing. More info about that to come.

If anyone reading this blog lives near or in any of the cities Jordan and I are traveling to, we would love to meet you. If you are trying to seduce us in a back alley, stay away (except for Andrew Meyer), but if you want to come to a game to chill and talk baseball, let us know. We shall post the itinerary in a separate doc for your reading pleasure.

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