Highlighting the Worst Hats In Baseball: Round Two



Oh god this trailer. Just Scorsese, and Kanye, and Leo, and McConaughey. Man that looks…… Wait, baseballs. So, unlike Round One, which was just a celebration of terrible things, all future rounds will be for one specific team (unless I get bored,  until I get bored). So then, through the magic of random pickings, today, we get none other than the Mets. LET’S GET TO THE HATS.

Hello, MS Paint

New York Mets MLB C-Dub 59FIFTY (100% Wool, $35)

Conceptually, this hat is fine. Simple red wool hat with a white logo. But then it gets made, and man that logo is garish. Like made by a 13 year old in GIMP who only knows what the outline of the logo is. The white on white look here is just really bad, and takes away from what could be an average hat.

So This Is A Thing

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Jake and Jordan Are Taking A Trip

Hello all. Recently, Jordan and I sat down with our parents and convinced them to somehow let us drive cross country this summer to watch baseball. After months of discussing and planning, we came up with our final plan on the way to the meeting. We will be writing everyday about everything we see along the way. Prospects, stadiums, weird restaurants, gross hotels, mayoral basements, jetskiing. You will hear about them all.

We are also considering a PODCAST!!!!!!!!! So all 5 of you can listen to us ramble about absolutely nothing. More info about that to come.

If anyone reading this blog lives near or in any of the cities Jordan and I are traveling to, we would love to meet you. If you are trying to seduce us in a back alley, stay away (except for Andrew Meyer), but if you want to come to a game to chill and talk baseball, let us know. We shall post the itinerary in a separate doc for your reading pleasure.

Happy 29th Birthday Luke Gregerson !

Today is San Diego Padres reliever Luke Gregerson’s 29th birthday. What is interesting about Luke Gregerson ?

  • Before the 2009 season, Luke Gregerson was traded to the Padres for infielder Khalil Greene, one of the weirdest looking players of all time.
  • Luke Gregerson has a 2.81 career ERA in 298.1 innings.
  • In 2012, 70% of the pitches Luke Gregerson threw were sliders.
  • For his career, Luke Gregerson has thrown 58% sliders.
  • Luke Gregerson throws a lot of sliders.
  • Luke Gregerson throws three different sliders.
  • Luke Gregerson holds the major league record for holds in a single season, with 40 in 2010.
  • For his career, Chad Tracy is 3-3 with three home runs and 6 RBI against Luke Gregerson. That’s a 5.000 OPS.
  • For his career, David Wright is 1-7 with five strikeouts against Luke Gregerson.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Luke Gregerson:

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