Ben and Jerry’s MLB Flavors

Everyone loves ice cream and more specifically, everyone loves Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Over the years Ben and Jerry have come up with countless revolutionary flavors. Cherry Garcia, Imagine Whirled Peace, and even a Dexter themed ice cream called Miami Slice. One area B&J’s totally forgot about was baseball, so we decided that we would do it for them. Here are some of the best ones we came up with:

Black Razz-Barry Bonds

-Raspberry Ice Cream with chocolate syrup swirls and chunks of OBP.

  • The perfect choice if you’re planning to go on a walk.
  • Guaranteed to enlarge your muscles and shrink your genitalia.

Freddy Garcia’s Cherry Tomato Garcia  

-Venezuelan Steamed Shrimp flavored Ice Cream with chocolate covered Cherry Tomatoes.

  • If you are looking for savory over sweet, look no further.
  • This is the greatest website of all time.

-Todd Coffey’s Chunks

-Coffee flavored Ice Cream with genuine chunks of Todd Coffey himself and red beard hair swirls.

  • Great for cannibals considering, it has human being in it.
  • Contains breast meat. A lot of breast meat.
  • The chunks will make you blow chunks.

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