So I was at my grandfather’s house the other day cleaning up some of his old stuff in the basement. As I sifted through piles of aged rubbish, I couldn’t help but think that there might be something valuable for me to find. Lo and behold, under a pile of 30 year old pharmacy receipts, I found something wonderful. Something incoherently perfect. Something bold, beautiful, and bicep-laden. I found new Chris Davis photos. Total coincidence that he hit two bombs today. Drool at your own safety.

This pic shows Davis in peak physical shape; his 8-pac bulging out of his Thor-like chest.

Davis apparently sent some special pics to a special lady friend. Naughty Chris Davis.

An adorable picture of Chris as a kid. You can see the promise present in each bicep.

We all let ourselves go. This might be why his time in Texas didn’t pan out.

I’ll check Grandpa’s basement to see if there are any more.

(If you’re confused, please read this.)


  1. Andrew Meyer says:

    Why do I write for you guys

  2. […] Here is shirtless Chris Davis not blinking because shirtless Chris Davis is shirtless:  […]

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