The Cespedes Family Barbecast Episode 1: The Frustrating Birth

It’s the moment that all (5) of you have been waiting for. It wasn’t easy labor, but the Cespedes Family Barbecast was birthed last night and oh boy is it an ugly child.

It’s the inaugural episode of the Cespedes Family Barbecast which means technical difficulties galore and a whole lot of bad jokes. This week’s episode is sponsored by The Bar That Used To Employ Tom Wilhelmsen. A shocking number of people wrote us e-mails which included fantastic questions on moustaches, the Cubs farm system, dodgeball and which piece of baseball equipment we’d want to be. Our guest is internet superstar Craig Goldstein (@cdgoldstein on the Tweeterz) who writes for FakeTeams and DynastyGuru. We discussed a plethora of riveting topics with Craig including Jeremy Guthrie, Van Morrison and Kyle Farnsworth’s anger problems. We reviewed our trip to Hagerstown to see the Suns face the Kannapolis Intimidators and then talked about TRUE NUMBER ONE STARTERS. You can e-mail us at and find us on the Twitter @CespedesBBQ. Also like us on facebook because why not?

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3 comments on “The Cespedes Family Barbecast Episode 1: The Frustrating Birth

  1. Kevin says:

    I can’t believe you actually answered my mustache question. I thought of it when I saw Derek Holland’s shitty stache. I nominate Dan Vogelbach to grow the neckbeard. Him and Fat Adams are the only players fat and white enough to truly pull it off

  2. […] Welcome to Part 2! We talked to the ORIGINAL GUEST OF THE BARBECAST, Craig Goldstein. It was a disaster. Then, we talked to the official minor leaguer of CFB, […]

  3. […] you all so much for all the kind words. Our first special guest (at 42:10) is Craig Goldstein, our inaugural guest and one of our favorite people. We talked about Craig stuff. Our second special guest (at 52:40) was […]

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