A Journey Into the Mind of Heath Bell

This past Saturday night, Heath Bell blew his seventh save of the season. His catastrophic outings have spawned #TheHeathBellExperience and the baseball internet just loves to bash him on a seemingly nightly basis. But what’s his side of the story?

Here is a brief journey into the mind of Heath Bell.

“Welp, another day, another four runs allowed. Might as well wear a questionable graphic t-shirt and take a selfie in an elevator”

“Really? You’ve got a two run lead with the heart of the order coming up and you’re bringing ME in? Hilarious.”

“haha I’m a baseball pitcher”


“MY BROTHER…IS NOT…DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Say that one more time, I dare you. Yeah, you. No no, not you. Yeah, you. I’m talking to you, Wil Nieves. I smell just fine.”

They’re crushing him…and then they’re going to crush me…oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddd”

I just really, really, REALLY have to poop so lemme just lose this game real fast so I can go to the bathroom”

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