We Gave the St. Louis Cardinals Beards

The Red Sox beards have become a team symbol. But what if the Cardinals abandoned their “Cardinal Way” and grew some scruff?


John Axford Beard

John Axford

Randy Chote Beard

Randy Choate

Lance Lynn Beard

Lance Lynn

Joe Kelly Beard

Joe Kelly

Seth Maness Beard

Seth Maness

Edward Mujica Beard

Edward Mujica

Kevin Seigrist Beard

Kevin Siegrist

Adam Wainwright Beard

Adam Wainwright

Michael Wacha Beard

Michael Wacha

Trevor Rosenthal Beard

Trevor Rosenthal


Tony Cruz

Tony Cruz

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina


Daniel Descalso

Daniel Descalso

Pete Kozma

Pete Kozma

Matt Adams

Matt Adams

Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

David Freese

David Freese

Allen Craig

Allen Craig

Kolten Wong

Kolten Wong


Adron Chambers Beard

Adron Chambers

Jon Jay

Matt Holliday

Carlos Beltran

Shane Robinson


Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

Oh wait, did I forget Shelby Miller? You can just call me Mike Matheny.

Happy World Series.

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