2013 World Series Drinking Game

We already created a drinking game once this postseason back during the Tigers-A’s ALDS series. We weren’t planning on making another until we realized how necessary it might be for this World Series. Game one was a puke-inducing shitshow of doom and while we hope the Cardinals show up for Game 2, we want to offer you another entertainment option for the rest of the series. Enjoy and drink responsibly.


In-game Cardinals:

  • Pete Kozma derps
  • You realize that Shane Robinson exists
  • You see Tony Larussa
  • You see Tony Cruz
  • You see Tony Hawk
  • Shelby Miller sighting
  • Trevor Rosenthal throws an off-speed pitch
  • Daniel Descalso exhibits “grit”
  • Matt Adams infield hit
  • Matt Adams steal
  • Close up of Matt Adams’ face
  • Albert Pujols hits a home run
  • Adron Chambers bats because the Cardinals have no other good bench options
  • You wonder if Joe Kelly really needs those glasses

In-game Red Sox:

  • Jonny Gomes is forced to dive for a ball
  • Dustin Pedroia exhibits “grit”
  • Big Papi fields a grounder
  • Mike Napoli’s beard makes you want to punch someone
  • You see Daniel Nava
  • You see Daniel Craig
  • Shanf Victorino Shanfs in his pants
  • You see a shot of a Red Sox fan with their hands clasped over their mouth after the 7th inning
  • Koji smiles
  • Quintin Berry gets thrown out stealing
  • There’s an absurdly well-timed grand slam

Drink any time Buck or McCarver mentions…

  • Carlos Beltran’s ribs
  • The Cardinals’ rookie pitching
  • The importance of Allen Craig
  • The “Cardinal Way”
  • The unpredictability of the Green Monster
  • How this might be Ellsbury’s last year in Boston
  • How clutch David Freese is
  • The “Nick Punto” trade with the Dodgers
  • The history of Fenway Park
  • Terry Francona
  • Jon Lester as an ace
  • Clay Buchholz as an ace
  • Jake Peavy as an ace
  • Yasiel Puig because why not?

REMEMBER: Drink out of depression that these are the two teams in World Series! 

One comment on “2013 World Series Drinking Game

  1. Christina says:

    Missing for your Buck & McCarver list… Napoli was a Ranger in 2011, 2011 WS Game 6

    …nevermind, you’re not trying to kill your readers from alcohol poisoning

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