Baseball America 2013 Best Tools Compilation: Defensive Tools

Jose Iglesias doing Jose Iglesias things.

There are an endless number of sites devoted to baseball prospects, and while I think it’s safe to say our personal favorite here at CFB is Baseball Prospectus, the other giant in the internet world of prospecting, Baseball America, does something extremely fascinating every year to go along with their Top 10 lists. They take 15 tools, from Best Hit Tool to Best Outfield Arm, and assign one player from each organization one of these distinctions. Over the past few months, I’ve been compiling them in a spreadsheet as the team lists have come out. They concluded with the San Francisco Giants last week, so all the Best Tools have been handed out. It should be noted that some of these lists came out before certain trades, so you will see some players (new Marlin Jake Marisnick, for example) on teams that they no longer play for. However, I think a general compilation of these tools is helpful and interesting to look at.

Last week we looked at the best offensive tools. Today, we look at the defensive side of things.

A positional breakdown:

Best Defensive Infielder: 23 SS’s, 5 2B’s and 2 3B’s

Best Infield Arm: 17 3B’s and 13 SS’s


AL east defense


AL central defense


AL west defense


NL east defense


NL central defense


NL west defense

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