The Perfect Game Vault: Part 2

Just like most human beings, baseball players were young at some point in their lives. I can tell you from experience, being the 17 year old doofus I am, that being young can lead to the making of mistakes. In the case of many current big leaguers, these mistakes were photographs. Photographs that will live on forever on the beautiful thing we call the Internet.

All these wonderful photos were found on Accompanying each photo are a few quotes that each player said during their photo shoot (probably).

Click here for Part 1.

Alex Gordon

“Has anybody seen my neck?

“No, I don’t really like the bearded look.”

Cliff Pennington

“I just don’t care.”

“What pimple?”

Pedro Alvarez

“Make sure you get my mini van in the background”

“Does this pencil stache make my lips look big?”

Joel Hanrahan

“Blerg blerg blerg”

“I think I redefine hat hair. It’s my hair, but it looks like a hat.”

Tom Wilhelmsen

“No, I’m only 17. Yeah, I know I look 94.”

“Being John Malkovich was my best movie.”

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