Why Did I Watch Rockies-Astros?

You know how when you are a little kid and you walk into your parents room and they’re watching something too “grownup” for you? Maybe it’s The Wire, maybe its The Godfather, but whatever it is, you aren’t old enough. It probably has either guns, boobs, or drugs, or if you’re lucky, some combination of the three. You feel excluded and left out, but you know that your parents are trying to protect you. So what the hell mom, where were you when I was watching that entire Rockies-Astros series? Why didn’t you protect me?

The Astros won three of four, including both games in Coors. I watched every single minute of the first game of the series; the 12 inning classic that almost melted my brain. So let me ask a question: Why in hell did I watch so much of this series?

Erik Bedard doesn’t know.

To be fair, there were some great plays. Chris Carter had a beautiful strikeout. Wilin Rosario let some balls by him… probably. And Tulo had one of those awesome jump throws he always does. Check it out.

Wait what? Oh crap. That’s totally Nolan Arenado hitting the backstop. Why was I watching these games again? Rafael Betancourt do you know why?

He has no idea. Neither do I.