All Star Break Record Breakers: Hitters

The baseball season is 6 months long. The baseball season is mostly during the summer. We call the All Star Game “The Mid-Summer’s Classic.” According to all of these points the All Star Game must be the halfway point of the baseball season.

There have been some great performances over the first half of the year, but what could happen in the second half is even more extraordinary. Check that, what will happen in the second half. You see, when a player has a certain amount of stats in the first half (and they usually do), you can always double that amount to find out what that player will have over the course of the year. Its a really good sabermetric strategy and it always always works. Here are a few hitters who could will shatter records:

Chris Davis

First Half Stat: 37 Home Runs

Will Finish The Year With: 74 Home Runs

Math Involved: Multiply by 2

Significance: Chris Davis will break the Home Run record set by Barry Bonds in 2001. A record that some thought would live forever. Hopefully he continues not to blink.

James Loney

First Half Stat: 96 games played

Will Finish The Year With: 192 games played

Math Involved: 96 + 96 = 192

Significance: The current record for most games played in a season is 165 set by Maury Wills in 1962. Loney is on pace to absolutely shatter that number. And you thought he had no value…

Miguel Cabrera

First Half Stat: .365 Batting Average

Will Finish The Year With: .730 Batting Average

Math Involved: (132/362) + (132/362)

Significance: No one has hit .400 since Ted Williams hit .401 in 1941. No one has hit .500, .600, or .700 since ever. The current record holder for the highest batting average in a season is Hugh Duffy, who hit .440 in 1894. Thats insane. And just think, Miggy will top that by at least 300 points. Spectacular.

Pitchers coming later.

8 comments on “All Star Break Record Breakers: Hitters

  1. The problem is the All-Star break is NOT 1/2 way through the season. It is 57-60% of the season. So Davis would be on pace to hit 56 HRs.

  2. chisox22 says:

    .730 batting avg.. lmao what exactly are you smoking over there chief?

  3. John says:

    Steve, read the article again using you reading comprehension skills

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