CFBBQ March Madness

Because I am a student-athlete and thus privy to all the rules and regulations of the NCAA, I am not allowed to gamble or wager on the NCAA basketball tournament in any way. This sucks a whole lot of butt. So instead of losing 20 dollars, I’ve decided to spread the love this year.

The winner of the CFBBQ pool will win a fitted CFBBQ hat and a guest appearance on the podcast. Second place gets a hat. Last place gets a free CFBBQ business card. Sucks.

There are three rules for the bracket. If your bracket does not follow these rules you are disqualified and thus ineligible for our lame prize:

  • You may not pick Kentucky to win a single game.
  • You must have a seed higher than 8 in your final four.
  • Your score for the championship game must be 169-69.

Here is the link for the CFBBQ March Madness bracket:

Happy Picking.

Farewell To Cole and Mort

Best friends of the BBQ Jason Cole and Zach Mortimer are leaving Baseball Prospectus and the internet world to go work for actual baseball teams. We met both of these guys in July at the DC BP event and they have been fantastic friends ever since, except for Cole.

We decided to make them a tribute video. Here it is:

The #Barves Are Moving

The Atlanta Barves are moving north to a new stadium that will be ready for opening day 2017.

After doing 2 minutes of research on the socioeconomic geography of Atlanta I’ve come to a conclusion. The Braves are moving from this Atlanta:


To this Atlanta:





To whomever reads this,

We here at the BBQ started this baseball season with approximately 17 twitter followers. Four of those people were close friends and one was my mother. So we basically had 12 followers, 9 of which HAD to be Twitter bots. We were averaging 10 page views a day.

This baseball season has been the most fun we’ve ever had in regards to baseball. Being able to participate in nincompoopery with all of you was an experience we’ll never forget. Logging on to Twitter every morning and seeing the absurd things that happened the night before was always hilarious. From our Third World Baseball Classic piece, to our takedown of the Microsoft Scouting ad, to that time we put beards on all the St. Louis Cardinals, this season was always da besssssssssssss. And we’ll never forget Shirtless Chris Davis.

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The Dominican Winter League Intro Is Awesome

Today in the Dominican Winter League, the Tigres de Licey faced off against Aguilas. This showdown is the Dominican equivalent of Red Sox vs. Yankees except the game ends before the sun rises the next day. Like most Aguilas games, the game was streamed live online at

Here is the actual video introduction from todays game. The video is exactly how it was broadcast, although I may have added some different music…

FOX would probably run a video of slow motion shots to introduce a broadcast. This shit isn’t FOX.